Men’s Health claims that about 30% of all men aren’t happy with the size of their penis. According to this study, one in every three men doesn’t like their penis size.

Luckily, penis pumps can help save you from this situation.

If you want to know the best penis pumps currently available to you, then you might want to strongly consider reading on.

Penis pumps come in a wide variety and this helps cause a lot of confusion sometimes. In fact, it’s what makes it even harder to determine the penis pump that’ll work best for you.

With that said, not only can penile pumps help with penis growth, but they can also help with erectile dysfunction (lasting longer in bed) as well. Adding them to your sex toy collection is worth considering if you think they can help improve the quality of your sex life.

1. Hydromax 7 Pump

One of the leading penis pump manufacturers in the world, Bathmate, designed this product for shower and bathtub use. It uses water power to deliver the results you desire.

The HydroMax7 is designed for men with erection lengths of 12-19 centimeters or 4.5-7.5 inches.

This penile pump has a high-build quality with a durable and rigid overall construction. It provides a strong and sturdy shield around the penis region, whilst still being friendly on the skin, with its skin-safe and 100% phthalate-free material composition.

Even the removable comfort pads provide tight seals which helps increase the device’s suction power.

2. Paloqueth Automatic Penis Pump

This stylish transparent penis pump can give your penis that much-needed boost before intercourse giving you an amazing and enhanced sex experience.

This affordable sex toy creates four different suction pressure modes to allow for the customization of satisfaction levels.

Suction helps improve blood flow in the penis resulting in a thicker, longer and harder erection. Regular use of this toy can treat erectile dysfunction as well as contribute to better penile health.  

The long 8.5-inch transparent cylinder has a measuring gauge at the end designed to keep track of pressure and offers enough room for penis growth. The four settings for suction pressure it has gives the user complete control over intensity.

It has three buttons that are easy to reach, one for the quick-release valve and two for suction adjustments.

3. Sinclair Endow Penis Pump

The Sinclair Institute has been manufacturing several different sex toys and aids since the year 1991. However, this particular product, the Sinclair Endow, is not only their first but their only penis pump so far.

This vacuum water-based therapy system has two operating features: the ergonomic hand and battery operated. It also has a quick-release feature as well.

For the battery-powered version, you’ll need 4 AA-sized batteries to fully power the automatic motor. When the desired pressure is reached, the battery-powered pump halts the suction process. This helps prevent damage to the penis.

This sex toy also comes with a high-end penis gasket/sleeve manufactured using silicone material that’s compatible to water-based lubricants only.

It also includes 4 TPR-jelly construction rings to help maintain 30-minute erections, which means extended performances in bed.

4. Erecaid Esteem Penis Pump

The Eracaid Esteem battery-powered penis pump is a product manufactured by the well-known Timm Medical Technologies Osbon. This product is specifically designed to help treat erectile dysfunction.

It has two versions available, the battery-operated option and the manual option. With its user-friendliness and superior build constructions, it’s one of the best products as far as therapy to impotence is concerned.

Its angled shape and sleek ergonomic design allow for a more comfortable and better grip which allows for one-hand operations.

The angled shape also offers a clearer view so that results can be checked easily. There are grooves for your fingers on its contoured cylinder to help easily transfer the tension ring.

The battery-operated model doesn’t need any effort from the user since pumping is done automatically. It basically operates at the touch of a button, making it really easy to use.

It also has easy-press buttons that have been strategically placed to help reduce accidental pressure releases while being used.

5. Utimi Manual Penis Pump

The Utimi penis pump is an automatic high-quality penile enlarger that’s been designed to help treat erection complications via vacuum pumping. What is even more attractive about this particular product is the fact that it’s completely cordless.

It can achieve this because it’s powered by rechargeable batteries that have a lifespan of about 120-minutes before they need to be recharged. Besides that, it also boasts numerous excellent features as well.

This sex toy is manufactured using non-poisonous and safe high-grade medical TPR, PVC and ABS materials. For length measurements, it has a handy transparent gauge. It has an easily detachable head for quick cleaning and it even has different sized silicone shrink rings so that any size can be accommodated.

Frequently Asked Questions about pumping

Do penis pumps actually work?

Yes they do. But not in the way you might think. Pumping allows for more blood flow into the penis, by enlarging the chambers. This means, you will feel thicker and fuller erections. This doesn’t mean you will see permanent gains.

What is the best pump?

Hydromax currently make the best pumping tools, which are very strong, robust and long lasting. The HydroMax7 model is highly recommended.

Results from the Best Penis Pumps 

Penile pumps have, over time, proven to be very effective at battling erectile dysfunction, especially for folks that had to undergo prostate cancer treatment. Penis pumps in action help males get better erections.

Because these toys enhance the blood flow in the penis, as well as improves penis tissue oxygenation, it inadvertently helps improve the overall health of a penis as well.

Some of the best penis pumps can literally change lives. Hopefully, this article has helped show you which ones they are.

Ready to test the results for yourself? Contact us today for more information on how we can help.  

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