Are you wondering how to get a big dick? Do you look down and feel disappointed at the size of your schlong?

If so, you are not alone. In fact, 30 percent of men feel unsatisfied with the length of their penis. 

This unhappiness has led to many different products and techniques meant to increase penis size. You’ve probably seen many of these and wondered which of these actually work.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our guide on the six top ways to increase penis size and find out which method is best for you.


Your first two solutions for increasing penis size starts with working on how the areas around your member affect the perception of size. Number one: the pubic hair.

Make sure you manscape brah.

Pubic hair can affect the hair by hiding or covering up the shaft of the penis. While a change to your pubic hair may not change the actual length of your dick, it may change how long it looks.

Remember, penises are kind of like football: it’s a game of inches. While it may seem weird to think that a small patch of hair could make that much of a difference, it’s important to note that the length of pubic hair is .5 to 1.5 inches long.

If trimming back your bush can make your dick look an inch longer, then it’s worth it.

Before you start hacking at your Johnson jungle, it’s important to keep safety in mind. If you do start shaving or trimming around your dick and balls, you need to be careful.

If you’re shaving, use an electric razor. Doctors who deal with manscaping injuries have found that most injuries are cuts made from non-electric razors. Even if you don’t send yourself to the emergency room with a major injury, small cuts could make you more susceptible to STIs.

So if you’re going to start landscaping, consider doing simple trims. If you feel the urge to shave, play it safe with an electric razor.

If you’re not careful, you’ll go from asking “how to get a big dick” to “how to save my dick.”

Losing Weight

Our second optical illusion-based penis enhancing solution is losing weight. It may seem weird, but the answer to the question “how to get a bigger penis” may be by getting a smaller body.

Hey fat boy… lose some weight 🙂

Let’s face it, if your gut and thighs are really big, any dick will feel smaller by comparison. If your dick is smaller than average, that contrast will be even more obvious.

And that’s if you can actually see your dick. One in three men can’t even see their penises past their stomachs.

With some changes to your diet and increased exercise, you can start to burn away that fat that is overshadowing your penis (both metaphorically and literally).

However, losing weight can do more for your member than just change how it looks to the rest of your body. You may be able to actually increase its visible length.

The base of your penis is actually inside of your body and covered by a pad of fat that rests mostly above your dick. The more fat that is in that pad, the more of your dick is hidden.

That’s why losing weight and burning fat is so important. If you carrying a lot of excess weight you could be contributing to your dick size issue.

Instead of “how to get a big dick,” your focus may need to be on “how to show all of my dick.”

Penis Pumps

Now we’re getting into ways to physically increase the size of your penis. First method: penis pumps.

Penis pumps can offer huge gains.

These devices are basically big vacuum pumps for your dick. What you do is place your penis inside the pump with it pressed against your pelvic area. Then the pump sucks the air out, creating a suction effect on your dick.

This effect pulls blood into the penis, increasing its size temporarily. It’s important to note that this is not a way to permanently increase the size of your dick. This is more for increasing size slightly for sex or helping with erectile dysfunction.

There are some potential health risks, especially for people with blood conditions like leukemia or sickle cell anemia. You may want to consult your doctor before using a penis pump.

Once you know you’re ready to use a penis pump, it’s time to choose the one best for you. Thankfully, we have a guide to help you decide.


Here is where we get to a more permanent way for how to get a big dick. Some stretching techniques have shown to actually make some permanent increases to penis length.

Don’t be afraid to use exercises.

First, we should talk about the stretching technique that may be less reliable: jelqing.

Jelquing involves stretching exercises using your fingers. One common method is placing your fingers at the base of your penis, squeezing, and pulling down your shaft – kind of like milking a cow udder. 

Now jelqing is in our “less reliable” category because medical experts haven’t found evidence that jelqing actually works. All the evidence of jelqing’s success has been anecdotal, so how much you trust jelqing should be decided by how much you trust jelqing proponents.

For a more evidence-based approach to stretching out your cock, try traction devices.

These devices place a weight or frame on your dick that stretches it out slowly over time. Studies have shown that wearing these for multiple hours daily can actually increase the length of your penis by multiple centimeters.

Again, a few centimeters can mean a lot in increasing the size of a small dick. And considering how few penis enlargement methods actually have longterm results, this may be a good option for you. Like with most of these options though, you may want to consult your doctor first.


If you’ve been to any porn site, then you’ve probably seen an ad for penis enlargement pills. Hopefully, you haven’t bought any from those ads, because there has been no evidence that they work

Penis pills help with blood flow, not growth.

Unfortunately, pills and lotions that claim to increase the size of your penis have not been shown to be trustworthy in any way. When you think of penis pills, your mind should focus more on erectile dysfunction pills like Viagra.

These pills focused solely on treating erectile dysfunction are reliable, but probably aren’t what you’re looking for.


This is the most extreme method of increasing the size of your dick is through the use of surgery. This method provides minor improvements and can have some major risks.

The least popular route due to complications.

The two types of surgery involve increasing the length of the penis and increasing the girth. For lengthening surgeries, you will likely see a very small increase in length. Surgeries that increase girth involve taking fat from another part of your body and putting it into your penis.

With both forms of surgery, there is risk. Both surgeries could potentially lead to scarring that could limit how much your penis will actually grow. Surgeries that increase girth specifically can lead to serious issues – like your dick becoming lumpy.

This is definitely something to discuss with your doctor, and may not be the best option for you. If you do decide to go through with this technique, make sure you fully understand the potential risks.

How to get a Big Dick: Which Solution is Right For You?

So now that you know your options for how to get a big dick, which one is best for you?

We suggest you start first by looking at your manscaping weight. Before you start doing anything to your penis, it may be good to work on the places around your dick.

Photo of an eggplant: How to get a big dick.
Knowing how to get a big dick is your key to living a fulfilled sex life.

Remember, the issue may not be that your dick is small but that the areas around your dick make it look small. Plus, trimming back your pubic hair is an easy change to make, and losing weight can make you healthier and more confident in your body as a whole (and confidence may be just what you need to improve your sex life).

If trimming your pubic hair back doesn’t fix your issue and you aren’t carrying extra weight to get rid of, then it’s time to look at penis pumps, stretching, and potentially pills (though that’s more for erectile dysfunction than increasing max penis size).

When moving to one of these methods, it’s important to remember how to use these methods safely. You want to avoid potentially injuring or damaging your dick.

If you’ve tried everything and are still unhappy, then it may be time to talk to your doctor about surgical options. However, that is a serious decision with both pros and cons, so make sure you get your doctor’s approval before moving forward.

Most importantly though, when it comes to your penis it’s not so much how big it is, but how you use it. Whether or not you’re content with the size of your sword, it’s the one you have, so make sure you know how to wield it.

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