We hid behind a Verizon store as the cops drove by..

It was 3 AM on a dark Santa Monica street and I was having a little fun.

I met her a couple hours before (at a bar) but we didn’t stay there long.

First it was the street behind the bar to make out, then Wilshire Boulevard, then in front of a random Verizon store as passions charged, sex moved through the air and LA police cars drove by.

I don’t think they would have had a problem with the kissing but may have raised an issue with the “activity” of our hands.

I looked at her and said, “Hey are you spontaneous?”

She was.

I hailed a cab passing by and told the driver, “Take us to the beach.

We spent the rest of the night in the Pacific Ocean, passionately f*cking each other brain’s out and avoiding a shark encounter, capping a night neither of us will probably ever forget.

I mean, it may get a little blurry for me because I’ve now done that same thing a few times since with other girls but hey, the first cut is the deepest.

And thinking about it later on, I came to the conclusion that the reason it’s a night I or she won’t soon forget, is because that night was STRONGER, emotionally, than most.

The experience, the adventure, the EMOTIONS…they were all deeper, stronger and more powerful than just the typical “Yeah, I took another girl home from the bar and parked in another garage,” or her typical, “Yeah, I met a guy in a bar, we talked about X, Y and Z, then I gave him my number.”

Do you realize it’s those STRONGEST EMOTIONS women so desire and are intensely attracted to?

You can probably relate too.

Did you like the last James Bond movie because you just really like Daniel Craig and Judi Dench’s acting chops or.. Was it more because of the whole EXPERIENCE and EMOTIONAL JOURNEY living through a movie like that takes you through?

And here’s the kicker:

Those powerful experiences and strong emotional journeys start with just one thing..

..your decision to take a risk.

To do something different.

To try something new.

To go take a dip in the ocean at 3 in the morning.

To kiss her, to lead her, to use a little shock humor.

To go for something that scares you a little.

There’s nothing wrong with a man who’s a little scared of something (it’s only wrong if that fear stops him).

And here’s why women cannot get enough of the man who’s a risk-taker..

In a matter of seconds, they take one look at him, hear his voice, his words, watch his eyes, his tone, his passion, his energy and then they decide…

Is this guy an adventurer and a risk-taker..

Or is he Mr. Play It Safe..

Because consider what it says to her if she decides YOU are a RISK-TAKER..

It says being around you means a POWERFUL EXPERIENCE and a STRONG EMOTIONAL JOURNEY is always just around the corner.

it could happen at any time with you, and you’re damn right, she wants to ride that ride when it does.

You make her feel ALIVE.

That potential excitement just doesn’t exist hanging around Mr. Play It Safe. That’s the guy who gets locked in her friend zone and shunned from pussy land forever (boring guy never gets pussy).

If you’ve been playing it safe for far too long, the choice is really simple for you..

I’m not saying you need to rush into shark-infested waters for pitch dark sex or start jumping out of airplanes.

But it’s time for you to get in touch with your edges and start pushing them.

Why do women love guys who are risk-takers?

Because being with a risk-taker means a memorable, powerful and heart-racing emotional journey is always just a decision away..

Are you finally to be that man now?

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