The average time of penetration before ejaculation is between 3 to 7 minutes.

For many, even reaching this amount of time is a task that seems impossible. When sex only lasts about a minute, it’s known as premature ejaculation (PE)

Whether you experience PE or simply want more time between the sheets, we’ve got you covered. Sex is all about pleasure, so lasting as long as possible is the best way to have the experience you’re looking for (and give your partner the same).

Keep reading to find out how to last longer in bed with these 7 tips.

1. Learn How Orgasms Work

The best way to change your sex life is to understand it. 

The male arousal cycle can be broken down into a handful of stages: initial arousal, increasing arousal, plateaued arousal, ejaculation, and the recovery period.

We break it down in this article, but in general, you want to try to stay in the sweet spot of being aroused but still being in control.

One way to achieve that is to find your edge.

2. Try Edging

The practice of “edging” simply means to find the point just before you’re going to lose control and have an orgasm. This is where pressure is building but isn’t quite at its peak. When you get to the moment just before the point of no return, you stop all sexual activity.

The idea is to delay the orgasm to regain control. This means relaxing, letting the pressure back down, and then continuing when you feel like you’re settled enough.

You’ll want to practice while masturbating first, as it will be easier for you to have control and identify where that sweet spot is.

Once you’re ready to do it with a partner, you don’t have to simply stop all sexual activity and lie next to each other. Instead, you can focus on giving them pleasure while you let your system calm down. 

3. Focus On Giving

It’s pretty easy to indulge in your own sensations during sex. That being said, it’s important to shift your focus from yourself towards your partner throughout the interaction.

Talk and be receptive to your partner about what they like, what they want, and how you can satisfy that. This will build your connection, make sex better for both of you, and it will give you time to focus on them while you back down from the “edge” we mentioned earlier.

4. How to Last Longer in Bed: Breathwork

Have you ever noticed that when you’re about to ejaculate, your breathing increases and becomes heavy?

This actually contributes to the orgasms happening. So, if you focus on your breath while having sex, you can potentially slow down your system and last longer.

You’d want to do this by keeping your breathing even and deep. Your breath affects your heart rate, which in turn affects how your penis does its thing. 

One reason why this works for many people is that focusing on the breath relaxes your body and mind. When you put some of your attention on it during sex, you can relax your body and keep orgasms at bay. 

5. Do These Exercises

You’ve probably heard of Kegels for women. Did you know that exercising the pelvic floor is beneficial for men, too? 

Muscles are what cause an orgasm to happen in the first place. By gaining control of them through exercises, you can have more control during sex.

To do this, imagine lifting up your balls with just your muscles and hold it for 7-10 seconds. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, it’s the same feeling as stopping yourself mid-flow while you’re peeing.

Hold your muscles tight for 10 seconds, relax, and do another cycle when you’re ready. The best part of this exercise? You can do it on the subway, at work, and anywhere else you can think of. Nobody can tell. 

If you’re interested in more guided practice techniques, check out the packages we have available to boost your sex life. 

6. Switch Things Up

Humans are habitual creatures.

As a result, we end up doing the same things in the same ways, all the time. The same goes for having sex. Many partners have go-to sex positions that are sure to get them off.

To last longer in bed, you’ll want to hold off on your favorite position until you’re ready. Instead, go flow and try out new positions after some giving foreplay to your partner.

In general, changing positions, speed, and intensity is more helpful to lasting longer than simply pounding away in the same position. Plus, most partners want and crave the variance — it keeps things fresh and allows them to build an orgasm faster.

Keep in mind that once you start having sex, you don’t have to rely solely on penetration. You can pull out, give your partner oral, tease them, or rub the head of your shaft on their erogenous spots.

7. Avoid Doing These Things

While there’s a ton of stuff you can do to increase your time in bed, there are some things often advertised that you should steer clear of.

The first suggestion is to “distract your mind.” People (including experts) say you can slow or stop an orgasm by taking your mind off of sex and thinking about, say, the weather.

While this might work, it’s the opposite of what you’re trying to do. You want to last longer so that you and your partner can enjoy sex more. If that means intentionally distracting your mind away from it, forget about it.

Another iffy thing to avoid is using sprays and gels that numb your shaft. It seems odd to us to put chemicals on your pride and joy. Plus, if you’re having sex with a woman vaginally, it can cause an allergic reaction or throw her pH off-balance.

Remember What Sex Is All About

With these tips on how to last longer in bed, you can work towards building your sexual stamina.

Don’t forget that sex is about pleasure. It’s not about lasting forever or anything else besides having a mutually satisfying experience with someone.

Talk to your partner, understand their desires, and do what you can to meet theirs and your own. Keep the pressure off of yourself and find fun ways to please both of you.

Keep reading our blog for more tips to enhance your sexual life. 

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