Do you fantasize about your ability to please women?

Sadly, sex research suggests that while men orgasm during 95% of sexual encounters, women only do about 50-70% of the time. Before you let that deflate your ego, you should know that this number bumps up to 86% when you go down on her.

If you want to raise that number to 100% for the women you’re with, then you should learn how to eat a girl out to climax! To start, let’s go over the basics of her edibles.

8 LadyBits You Need To Know

Maybe the reason women find difficulty orgasming starts with the fact that many men don’t understand the terrain. How do you expect to find the treasure if you cannot read a map?

A drawing of the female vagina.
Learn the inner workings of the female vagina.

Men often zero in on the hole, giving little thought to the many parts creating and surrounding the vagina. But there is a lot going on down there!

1. Monds Pubis

As you approach the goods, you will notice a soft mound covering the pubic bone, called the minds pubis. This area grows pubic hair, but some women shave it smooth.

It often goes completely unnoticed in the heath passion. But, it is actually an underrated erogenous zone!

2. Labia Majora

The puffy, skin-toned outer lips surround the vagina. In some women, these skin folds barely cover her bits, while in others, they appear prominent. 

Because they look similar to the surrounding flesh, men will often ignore them. However, you can use this under-touched area to your advantage.

3. Labia Minora

The labia minor makes up the inner lips surrounding the vagina. On some women, they appear trim and tucked, while on others they may flap out. 

They may appear anywhere from light pink to dark brown. This skin feels softer and more delicate and contains a lot of nerve endings.

4. Clitoral Hood

You find the clitoral hood toward the top of the vagina, where the inner lips meet. This soft skin covers and protects the clitoris. 

5. Clitoris

The clitoris hides under the clitoral hood. This little lady bit contains about 8,000 nerve endings, and actually becomes erect when stimulated, making this part a major key to her cumming.

6. Vagina

The vagina actually refers to the inside portion of her lady parts. Inside, it produces lubricant, giving it that moistness you eternally crave.

While many men strive to get deep up in there, the most sensitive portion is not very far inside. A few inches in, on the upward wall (monds pubis side) lies a highly erogenous zone often referred to as the G-spot.

7. Perineum

Outside the vagina, leading towards her bum, she has a super sensitive stretch of skin. This is called the perineum and often gets forgotten.

8. Anus

Ofter referred to as the ‘wrong hole’, this leads into her butt. Though a little more taboo, this part holds a ton of nerve endings and can stimulate arousal.

Pro tip: It’s crucial that you know how each part of the female anatomy works before you move onto teasing, licking and kissing each part. Touch the wrong part and you’ll put her off. Touch the right part and she’s all yours 🙂

7 Pro Tips on How to Eat a Girl Out

Now that you understand the land, how do you conquer it? Read on to learn how to pleasure a woman!

A girl poking her tongue out.
Your tongue is a POWERFUL tool.

1. Work Your Way There

Give prelude to the foreplay. Women often take a while to get all worked up.

  • Passionately make out with her. The lips and tongue are erogenous zones that you should take your time working.
  • Suck on her tongue and each lip individually. Sensually lick her mouth to give her a preview of what is to come below.
  • Slowly move down, licking her neck. Run your tongue along the more prominent bones, like her collarbone, ribs, the pubic bone and other places you often ignore.
  • Flip her over and get her back. In fact, skip over the hot spot completely and go to her legs.
  • Turn this into a sensual massage for a bit. Massages release feel-good endorphins like serotonin and dopamine and get the blood flowing to all the right places.

Remember! Rather than treating this as a race, think of it as a contest of stamina. How long can you hold out?

2. Tease Her First

When you finally get to the main event, make her beg for it. Creating this tension will only make it feel better when the time comes.

Sexy woman bent over wearing lingerie.
The more you tease, the easier it will be to make her cum.

Touch all the areas surrounding her lady bits. Gently pull at the monds pubis, because it will indirectly start to stimulate her clitoris. 

Gently blow on her parts and every once in awhile, flick your tongue to give her a quick tickle. Give this portion at least 4-5 minutes.

3. Focus on Her Clitoris

Many men who ask, “Tell me how to give my girlfriend an orgasm”, miss the money maker altogether. When you go down on a woman, focus mostly on the clitoris, rather than lapping everything up down there like a dog.

4. Incorporate Other Lady Parts Too

While kissing down there, rub her nipples between your fingers. She will feel that down there, as it releases oxytocin and other sensational chemicals.

Suck on her labia and gently tickle them. You may also want to play with her clitoral hood, gently pulling the skin or licking at it while it covers her sensitive clitoris, to create a different sensation.

5. Insert a Finger

Use a finger or two to help you out. Insert it into her vagina and play with the movements. Switch between going in deep and waging them back and forth against the walls. 

With one finger a couple of inches deep, use a come hither motion, tickling the top wall of her vagina. Use some pressure, but not too much, and continue to do this in tandem with your tongue play to try for a G-spot orgasm.

6. Brave It Below

Lick a little lower. This is not entirely necessary, but it will sure help amp things up a bit. 

Start by running the tip of your tongue along her perineum. As you get it wet, gently blow and then lick again. 

If you feel brave enough, make your way all the way to her anus. Make circular motions around the outer rim and every once in awhile poke your tongue firmly against it.

Either with lube or using her own slippery juices, ready your finger. Gently press it into her anus and slowly swirl it around as you continue your mission to make her cum.

7. Find Her Motion

The biggest mistake you can make following cunnilingus tips is thinking one movement applies to all women. Experiment with tongue motions until she moans, grabs your hair to pull your face closer, and/or tightens her thighs around your head.

Here are some of the tongue tricks to try

Flick your tongue fast against her clit. You can do it up and down or side to side.

Also, try flat laps of your tongue against it. Every once in a while, stop and simply press your tongue flatly and firmly against everything it will reach in that area.

Awesome technique! Swirling your tongue in a circular motion right against her clitoris might make her scream. To get some variation in there, go through the alphabet with your tongue and stop at the letter that makes her moan.

Another technique that cannot be left out of oral sex tips is the gentle suction. Purse your lips around the clitoris and very gently suck on it with or without swirling your tongue.

Make Noise

Women feel a ton of insecurities about even their most beautiful spots. Make sure she hears how much you enjoy this.

Tell her how pretty it looks, tight it feels, and good it tastes. This may also turn her on more!

When your mouth is full, make sounds of enjoyment. Hearing you ‘mmmm’ will relax her and the humming vibration will actually add sensation!

As you get into it, you can even make louder, almost growling sounds. The savagery might be what pushes her over the edge.

Use Consistency

Once you know what gets her going, keep that motion going until the finish. If you get on a good stride and then switch it up, she may need to build that climax back up.

Add Props

When learning how to eat a girl out, sometimes you need to think outside of the box. Using props can enhance the excitement and sensuality because women love risk-takers.

A pretty woman biting handcuffs.
Don’t be afraid to explore more naughty things.

Something as simple as sucking on ice cubes between licks can really heighten her senses. In contrast, use cinnamon and switch between the heat and cold.

Did you know? Food can also give her some new texture and offer you fun tastes. She might enjoy the sensation of cold pudding, gritty sugar, or pop rocks for a real blast off.

Handcuffs or restraints may also amp up the excitement for her, making it more likely for her to orgasm. Ask ahead of time what she is comfortable with so that you push boundaries in a sexy way but do not cross any.

Enjoy yourself!

When learning how to eat a girl out, you will find a ton of pleasure in the practice of it, as will she. If she notices that you make her orgasm as important as yours, then you may find more ease in hitting your goal.

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