Hey, I’m glad you made it over here. This is where you can get access to the Underground Sex Skills Bootcamp video as well as your Secrets To A Wild Sex Life eBook.

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  1. What a fantastic video! Is the Underground Sex Skills Bootcamp included in the Incredible Sex Video series? If so, you’ve got an instant customer! Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Jboy,

    I’m glad you liked the video so much. Actually, the Sex Skills Bootcamp is just a tiny sample of everything we’ve put together in the Incredible Sex Video Series. The main program is several hours of training taken directly from that same bootcamp.

  3. when you demonstrate the hand rubbing her pussy,you show the woman wearing her panties. Are you saying to do this before we take off her panties, or is that suppose to be with her panties already removed (skin to skiin).

  4. You can do it either way. I’ve always found it best to start while her panties are still on, and use it as a way to slide them off of her very smoothly, and without taking her out of the action.

  5. All your programmes are amazing and well done and have recommended them to many as a training guide. Keep up the good work (would love to add to me library but not able at present).
    Thanks for all you have done to help a lot of people

  6. Gr8 vids for getting men and women to enjoy one another. When I come to think about it, you have the potential to solve a lot of social problems, well at least those of a sexual nature. More power to you.

  7. No wonder why i get great results, lol i use all those great techneiques. Whats new is now i know how to make sure it is never painful for her. Thanks for keeping me in the good!

  8. Excellent position variations for changes and different sensations, also lessening guy’s hard work. Extremely innovative for joy of sex.

  9. wooow! your video just stimulated me that’s the nice trick i have never learned please keep me in touched with other 2 coming videos my dear. thanks
    with regards

  10. Great value in this video! Very hot and totally worth it! I find a lot of value in everything that I get from you! Thanks, looking forward to getting the modules

  11. Well put togther totally educational & I found I had to go around & watch the vid again there are just so many small details to learn & remember to improve the total experience for both parties

  12. WOW what a fantastic and very informative video!

    I have learned some new things as it was so very well presented!

    Thank you very much,

    Kisses, XXXXX


  13. this is incredible, can’t help but wait to get home and my wife will be pretty happy with my new technics.

    thanks a lot.

  14. im waiting to get these items as I think is just what the women need from there men

  15. Indeed the reality is that never can a human being be an expert but keeps learning till death.

    The video was very fantastic and informative, thanks so much. I am now fully loaded with some new techniques to surprise someone at home.

  16. Sex without orgasm is more frustrating to a woman. So m,en has to learn and become champions in the bed.

  17. THAT!!!!….was SOOOO AMAZINGLY SEXY!!!….AND… YAH!!… REALLY USEFUL INFO TOO!!!! THANK YOU for sharing it with ME!!!

  18. This short little video really got me thinking of things to try when having sex and not just the same old boring usual sex. Sex is a taboo that people rarely speak of because of what their parents told them, but if we do no learn about sex, then the thugs on the streets will teach us the nasty version! Thank you very much for this video!

  19. Very informative video. It was great that there were actual demonstrations! I look forward to sharing this with my man.

  20. I find them very interesting. When I was 16 years old I had forty year old divorcie hire me to work on her farm but most of my work was learning about the same thing you are saying, but you are perhaps a little more advanced. I am now 84 and still having fun. I now have a harder time getting it up but all the other things she taught me has helped me get my high school sweetheart and drive up the tree. As soon as I can save up enough money I will order your book. Beleave me we both think sex and doing it right is the best exercise there is, Oh by the way she is 81

  21. There have been many times that I ordered some information that I wanted but could not download the video.(usually with money lost). I would be more inclined to order if I could select DVDs to be sent to my address or at least know how the information could be made available to me. I’m in a remote area and have mail forwarded to me wherever I am.

  22. hi my name is mr jeremy david robertson i love to in joy having sex with lots of womme out there and thats one of my favourite hobbies thats what i like to do in life it is dazent mater if thay are lesbians or maskler ladies i just want to do it right now i wana jump your bons so lat us get naked now i want to look at your body show your privt parts ackspchleey your boobes and your pussy and your butt to or ya so lat me get horrny

  23. Thank you so much …. will put the information to good use tonight. Any man who does nothing to increase his knowledge and technique to please his woman is just plain lazy, stupid or doesn’t care about women in general.

  24. I think its very explicit enough! A good leson for how to do SEX! Thank you very much!

  25. Very entertaining and informative – and three very lovely (and experienced) girls …….
    It is a good intro lesson – I hope the full volume video is shows more action, more and different techniques, and total enjoyment by each of the instructor participants …… !!!

    Thanks for the Intro Video …….. !!!

  26. The positions are nice but my question is no one mans cock is the same some of curved upwards cocks others like mine have a slight curve left, when performing these positions how is there a certain way to insert the cock so it touches the right spot. Also for missionary and doggie can we use a memory foam pillows that can bend, these are mostly used for neck .

  27. Totally amazed at your Free video!


    Because I am fed up with things being offered as free and then when you click on to it, it is just an invitation to buy something – usually preceded by ten minutes of repetitive information about what the product is!

    Obviously everyone wants to make money by selling their products but surely it can be done without wasting peoples time. We all live a fast life these days and there is no time to waste for most of us.

    Video was interesting and well worth watching and left me wanting to look at the products you are offering without having to sit through, stories, bad past experiences (which we all have had men and women alike) and loads of BS before coming to the price, which is often just too much for the average Joe to shell out even if a money back guarantee is offered. After all, no decent guy would want his money back if the product was a success and helped us make our ladies really happy, (which of course makes us really happy too)!

    Very good marketing and I hope it will be a success story for your business! I hope others in the sex education business will follow your lead with this too!


  28. The video was awesome because it gives guys the female perspective on a multitude of techniques and it takes away the guessing. The ladies are sexy and have a very tasteful way of communicating the information.

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