Our very own Krista Ayne sat down with “natural” attraction master coach Jason Capitol to teach you some seriously easy techniques to meet and seduce some of the hottest women alive. Pay close attention and see if you can spot the moment that Krista starts to fall for Jason.

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  1. Chad – you’re close, but it’s actually before that point. Jason says/does something earlier in the video that turns Krista on big time.

  2. Jason says “No, I know nothing of women,” and she smiles at 1:09, “which of course makes you smile,” and she strokes her hair at 1:14.
    She then asks her own main question, then strokes her hair again at 2:19.
    Jason asks “Has this ever happened to you, I mean in your own experience?” at 3:21 to 3:23. She answers, then starts pushing her boobs forward at 4:07. Jason then says “You just hit on a really important piece [of the conversational topic] there,” and she strokes her hair again at 4:12 and at 4:24.
    Jason and Krista are well connected in that interaction by then.

  3. You got it Clark! Jason had made Krista attracted to him by the 1:09 mark. That’s how powerful his training can be.

  4. Yes, it was around the first min! She was gushing over him shamelessly almost from the beginning! lol I thought that as soon as it got going and i didnt even read where you were asking us to find it until it was about done and i just happened to look up and read what i missed when i started this video upon getting to the page here without reading anything first.

  5. She was attracted to him before this video EVER started …did you notice her smirk/body language at about 10 seconds when she said (with her finger pointed) “and NOT in a creepy way” THAT was the point it was ON.

  6. Actually G.D. Krista was giggling about that because she had called me 10 minutes before the interview started to discuss it. And we were laughing at how many dating coaches think they are teaching you to come off sounding natural, but in reality are creepy as hell.

  7. “Jason says/does something earlier in the video that turns Krista on big time.” I don’t believe that. She’s just setting things up, he’s not initiating anything. In fact, when he acts like he’s got something to do after the interview there’s possibly some disappointment in her, but not really.

  8. I am impressed at the fact that he got her all hot and bothered by her being intrigued with his lifestyle, Jason jokingly denies it, she smiles subcommunicating “He’s gotta know something”, and she begins to invest emotional energy into this conversation.
    It really all has to do with psychological principles and neuroscience, because at the end of the day, attraction is 100% subconscious and emotional and not logical.
    For example, women do not wake up one morning and think to themselves “Oh, he did this for me, he did that, he stands 6’4, he has a great physique, he drives a super car, I like him”. It is not necessarily those things men possess, but more like the roller coaster of emotions a guy takes a girl on when having a flirtatious conversation that recognizes the sexual polarity.
    Because when it comes to making decisions, emotion beats logic, since it is ingrained in our primal instincts.
    Oh, by the way, while words themselves are picked up by the logical part of the brain, the vocal tonality, body language, and eye movement are all picked up by the subconscious which give you that overall emotion and impression of that person.

  9. Will you let us know if these 2 eventually hooked up? Because I don’t think she’d mind and reckon he took the hint.

  10. If you pay close attention, you can notice that Krista’s eyes light up when Jason talks about what he had said to the girl, Rachel.

    This interview demonstrates so much. Thanks for it!

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