50 Shades of Grey is a book series that has taken the world by storm. Even if you have never read the books yourself, chances are high that your wife or girlfriend has. In fact, she may have even done it in secret to find out what all of the hype was about. As a man, you may be looking for a way to spice up your sex life, and maybe you have though about

bondage and sexual experimentation. Because of the fact that your woman has read the 50 Shades trilogy, it’s actually opened her up to different sexual activities; ones that she may have never realized turned her on in such a way.

There’s a reason why the books have become so popular among women, they are living the life of Anastasia Steele vicariously through her experiences. The sales of the book say it all: women are craving more sex and they want someone like Christian Grey to come into their lives. It’s obvious that you don’t want your woman going around and trying different things with other men, which is why this is a great opportunity for you to become her Christian Grey and take advantage of her and the situation that has arisen.

50 Shades of Grey primarily revolves around the concept of bondage and submission. Christian Grey is a man of power, and he takes away many of Ana’s rights, not just linked to sexual activities. As the story progresses, Ana becomes obsessed with Christian and the way that he treats her. She craves more sex and wants to do more with Grey, even if she loses her freedoms in the process. The following books continue the story of Ana and Christian, with each entry becoming more intense than the last.

Women around the world have fallen in love with the man known as Christian Grey, and for several different reasons. There is something thrilling about being exposed and vulnerable, only left to the mercy of your partner. While not all women personally want that kind of relationship in real life, they are able to expose themselves to a new world of sex that was once considered taboo. By seeing how freeing and pleasurable bondage can be, many women secretly hope that they are able to experience the same level of experience in their own lives someday.

One of the main things about the 50 Shades (and bondage in general) is about control and power. By reading this article right now, you are given the upper hand over your partner. She doesn’t know that you are aware of her fantasies. She isn’t aware of the fact that you have learned about the book and understand what she secretly wants to have done to her. The main way to excite her is the keep the element of surprise. Reveal to her that you want to try something new and different. See how she reacts when you bring out some rope or handcuffs and begin to tie her up. Does she get excited or simply scared? If she’s turned on by your actions, it’s very possible that she wants you to continue, even if she doesn’t verbally admit it.

Spontaneity is one of the driving forces in 50 Shades, because it feels like an intense scene can occur at any moment. Women like to be teased, and you can drive her wild by taking advantage of key situations. Get a blindfold and lick every inch of her body, or take a candle and let the hot wax drip on her bear skin. Kiss her neck slowly in a crowd or begin to run your hand across her body in the elevator. The fear of being caught along with the thrill of the moment is bound to turn any woman on.

Even if your woman is typically soft-spoken or timid, try approaching her in a more aggressive manner and see how she responds. The sudden change in action may get her turned on and you may be able to try out new things that you were never able to ask her. Bringing something new to the relationship is never a bad thing, and bondage may be the way to take your sex life to a new level and spice things up. While you may not be fond of the novels yourself, the fact that your woman has read them means that she may be open to new sexual experiences, which you can take advantage of and enjoy together.

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  1. I have tried,hand cuffs ,tied up sessions,a real turn on.
    in the past was accused of abuse. I believe the women
    although she asked for it didn’t understand it.good post…

  2. Have just heard about 50 shades of gray , and that women were going crazy over it ……….didn’t really know what it was about…….but now I want to read it, for the learning experience…….of course !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I love spanking and bondage, I could never get my ex of 14 years into it and I regret that! She never got to experience my potential! She was absolutely gorgeous with a smokin ass!! Wish I could find beautiful women who love 50 shades of grey?? Nothing beats that turn on for me!!

  4. My wife has read all 3 books and she’s gotten her freak on and it’s been a fun ride so much so that I’ve started to read the books and can see why women like these books the story is very hot and we started to do some role playing. I’ve been with my wife 32 years and I think she’s the most beautiful hottest sexiest woman in the world and always loved looking at her naked body but as with most women she’s very self critical of her body and I don’t like it when says negative things about her body although we have hard core sex in front of mirrors she still finds things she don’t like. I’ve told her it pisses me off when she does this and if anyone disrespected my wife like this I would kick there ass so as part of role playing if she said anything negative that I would spank her naked ass and she kinda liked the idea she likes to have her ass PLAYFULLY spanked. Well she said something negative I took her by the hand and walked her into the bedroom bent her over my knee pulled her panties down told her nobody disrespects my wife and I warned you and gave her a hard stinging wack just one and she didn’t like that and I told her that when you say that that it hurts me and I took her in front of one of the many mirrors took her clothes off and was touching her in a loving and sensual way and told her what I loved about her perceived imperfections and took her hands and caressed her body and made her say nice and loving things about her body while I kissed and nibbled her neck and earlobes we had wild passionate animalistic sex after that She’s only did that one more time after that and this time she had 2 crimson red handprints on her sexy ass Now she don’t say any negative things anymore at least not in front of me and that’s the way I like it NOBODY DISRESPECTS MY WIFE AND GETS AWAY WITH IT not even my wife I love my wife dearly and I think her body is perfect!!! Thank You Christan and Ana

  5. My Dear Sexy Darling Isa,
    I think you too can write a book like 50 shades—— , even better than that,
    This is my gentleman suggestion you start to write and i am dame sure you book will get over whelming support of readers.

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