Hey there,

Today I wanted to share with you 4 tricks you can use immediately
to make your women super hot and bothered, without even touching her.

And 1 insanely effect trick you can use that involves touch.

1. Leave Your Scent Behind

More than just about anything else, women go CRAZY for their mans scent.

No, I’m not talking about the B.O. you get after a long workout at the gym.

I’m referring to the natural musk mixed with pheromones that your
body develops at all times.

Try switching pillows with her for a night or two, or even switch which
side of the bed you both sleep on.

2. Give Her A Compliment

This should go without saying, but women love compliments.

But, the ones that come from her man are the ones that the ones that
really make her the happiest.

Rather then just telling her that she looks great in her new shirt; try to
compliment how hard she works, or what a talented cook she is.

When it really seems to come from the heart, it will mean more to her, and her body
will naturally want to experience the orgasmic bliss of getting down.

3. Perfect the “Power Look”

Have you ever watched something and seen the lead male character look at a woman in
a way that nearly makes her melt right there on the spot?

This is called the “power look” and (when done correctly) it really is that simple to make
virtually any woman want to rip your clothes off right then and there.

One night when you’re alone, rent a few of these flicks, and when the scene comes up where he
gives the girl the “Power Look” pause the screen and practice it in the mirror over and over
until you’ve perfected it.

4. Be A Man


Do something very manly and sexy for her, that she’s not expecting.

You know that noisy floor board and creaking basement door that’s been bugging her?

If she comes home to find you shirtless, in jeans with a wrench in your hand, you can be sure
those jeans are going to be ripped off of you VERY quickly.

5. Touch Her Like Nobody Else Ever Has Before

Everyone loves to feel pampered every once in a while.

And nothing turns a woman on more than letting her know you are in full control of
every inch of her body.

The next time you see her wearing high heels after a long day, slide them off of her, place
her feet in your lap and give her them a sensual massage.

Doing this (even to a woman youjust met) is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make
her clothes melt off her body while she gives herself to you.

So there you have it… 5 simple ways to make her completely hot and bothered in just seconds.

Just like I mentioned briefly in the last example, all women can be physically excited when
you know how to touch them the right way.

Lucky for you, I reveal hundreds of these “touch triggers” in my Erotic Touch Secrets massage program,
which you can learn all about in the link below.

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To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone


  1. Isabella, you just continue to surprise me with your knowledge of the female sex anatomy Tou-che baby.

  2. As I woman, I can tell you these tips are fabulous! Thank you so much for getting this information out to the men.

  3. Thank you for thesse suggestions. I know who these will be used to turn on.
    Bob Steger

  4. this is very seriously some great stuff I have been married for 6 years this is my second merrage and let me say I am so happy I have been following your advice and my wife has been looking at me like she used to in high school and im loving every moment of it just knowing she is feeling loved and truly taken care of in all aspects of the relationship

    thank you a million you have saved my merrage with the advice

  5. These are all great tips and I’m glad to see you sharing with us. Of course we all have our own ways and I am no exception. I’m listening though which is also a very good tip. A woman will like a man more when she knows that he listens to her. Asking her what she wants, what she likes, what she feels like doing tonight. These are great ways to actually find out.
    Wayne Miller

  6. I do like the advise but I think I am working on a much harder safe to crack. I have been married for 4years and have been with my wife for 10 years and this kind of stuff ( although very appreciated by her ) does not make her hot like that. It doesn’t hurt but she seems to get more out of alone time and her paranormal romance. I am at a total loss with what her sexual language is and I struggle more than I would like because I know it is frustrating for her. So thank you very much for the tips I will continue to use them because they do still work on a m
    ore comfort type of level.

  7. Thank you for thesse suggestions. I know who these will be used to turn on.Great tips! Isabella this short and clear you are a nice one kudos

  8. Dear friend and teatcher Isabella, thank you for all the tips you have sent to me and to thousand of others. I have been taught by Gabrielle Moore also, who maybe you know much better than I, and I would say that having two teachers like both of you is much better than having only one. I believe that in this way I will became a master and will have to get married very soon. My best regards.
    P.S. I already downloaded your free report containing at about 9 pages but I have not read it yet. As soon as I do it I will send to you my comments. And about the five tips, I liked all of them and your favorite (#5) it also very interesting.

    a kudo for each suggestion.. at 67 , i’m in heaven most of the time, so I’ll just go a little higher. I do performance enhancement and what better way to help my clients than to be an expert in the field they are all most interested in. Thanks and thanks again, you are right on point.

  10. Hi Isabella
    Thanks for these 5 tricks. It’s very exciting even for old men like me especially the last one.

  11. Thank you Isabella, all these are pretty cool. Would like to know the best flicks for you that have that “power look” though πŸ˜‰


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