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Read this eBook 60-90 minutes before you go out at night. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your “game” will improve.


  1. Great Special Report. Very insightful read with a lot of tips I’m going to use tonight.


  2. The report was very informative, as is most of your info. I appreciate the fact that you go out of your way to make this information available to the “average guy” Thanks once again.

  3. Common sense really. Same as every other self-help book on the topic. They basically tell you that they have life-changing information and tell you that if you want a girl then you have to be confident and not afraid of rejection.. Simple right? Now all you have to do is not be afraid of approaching women and you’ll be that guy. And if the book doesn’t work for you then they blame you that you didn’t ‘apply’ the information– as they told you that you need to be comfortable in every situation and you didn’t do it, so it’s your fault… Some life-changing information..

  4. Though haven’t finished and digested the book seems to be good for it rekindles the almost dead sexual intimacy.THANK YOU ONCE MORE FOR THE BOLD STEP TAKEN IN ENSURING ALL GOES WELL among the human species

  5. hey thanks isabella very thanks.because of your tips and techniques i will get lot of knowledge and spread these all interesting tips all over my friends who don’t know about it ever

  6. Hello Isabella,

    Thank you so very much for sending me a copy of “60 Minutes To A Sexier You!” After reading the book I was fascinated, this truly is the type of information that will elevate my dating game. If you have any more material like this, please forward it to me. Isabella, your ebook is absolutely awesome!


  7. i love u isabella ur the best , since i have subscibe to u, i have completly changed my life with women ,and money, right nw i love the job i have and i am attracting bautiful women. ur the bestt

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