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Today I wanted to share with you a really fun (and sexy) game you can play with your lover the next time there’s a game on TV. It’s called Bases Loaded, and it’s one one of the many games you’re going to get to learn in just one of the bonus gifts from our upcoming Fantasy Lover Formula training course.

Below are the rules for how you play:

Bases Loaded
: You know how people refer to hooking up as getting to a certain baseball base (first base equals kissing, second base is feeling someone up, third is oral)?

Bring that idea to life when you’re watching a game at home together. Each of you should pick a different team to root for.

Whenever a player on your team rounds a base, your lover has to give you a sexy treat corresponding to the base the player is on—and vice-versa when their team is on base.

If one of your teams hits a home run, you get to call the sex position you want. Everybody wins!

After you’ve gotten a chance to play Bases Loaded leave me a nice comment and let me know how it worked out for you.

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone


  1. I hope you’ll send a reminder – a repeat of this – when baseball season starts up again in spring.
    There must be some way to modify this for football… I’ll let you know if/when I come up with it.

  2. Of course you can modify this for football (or any other sport) Think of a touchdown as a home run, and then just assign field goals, first downs, and turn overs accordingly.

  3. I love to make sex a fun and this requires skill and isabella stone is the one who fits to offer this skill and information, time is now to get this uptodate training no one else give you.

  4. I love all of the advice that this website gives because it is very precise and helpful in aiding to my sex life!

  5. took some work because were not into sports much. She has a friend who her and her husband and us have gotten together a few times a month. [ because of a proble that her friend has and one that I have sometimes, from a misscarrage operation she has scare tissue that causes sever pain and bleeding, my testical pulls up after 15 min and causes sever pain. O.K. more than need to know] well we all got together to watch a game ,the way we aranged it we all got a lot of footage and all of us got at least 2 touch downs, it made football interesting!!!!!

  6. Incredibly creative! I love how it all boils down to simple fun and having the freedom to completely share the moment with each other. Love your posts, and love your content. Thank you again for taking the time to share this with us!



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