One of my top 3 favorite TV shows is Entourage…why?

Sure, there’s the movies, the cars, the girls, the beach, the Sloane.

But the thing I might like most about the show are two of its main characters:

Vinnie Chase and Ari Gold.

I want to talk with you about Ari, and the 10 things you can learn from him for your game.

1. Ari wakes up, gets what he wants, then goes to sleep.

I was watching an episode recently with a buddy of mine. We were talking about how every move Ari makes is with purpose.

He never just does something to do it – there’s always a greater purpose behind what he’s doing, an outcome he’s making happen.

He just “wakes up, gets what he wants, then goes to sleep”.

Women are highly attracted to the guy who boldly goes after what he wants in life without hesitation.

Which brings me to Number Two..

2. Ari never hesitates or questions himself.

Good or bad, right or wrong, it doesn’t matter.

Really think about it: Can you ever remember a time where Ari questioned himself before doing something?

Me neither.

No good ever comes out of hesitating. Patience, sure, but not hesitation.

Let a woman catch a scent of a guy who acts without hesitation, and she can’t help but feel attracted to that kind of crazy confidence.

3. Ari reframes everything positively.

No one wants to be around negative people, I’ve consciously had to cut out certain people from my life for being negative.

That’s what’s so great about Ari and his top-notch agent skills – everything is positive.

And if it’s not, he’ll flip it and reframe it in a way so it is.

Objective reality is nothing, your perception of it is everything.

In a world of so much mediocrity, being this positive about everything’ll make you stand out like a Santa’s sled in the Sahara.

4. Ari always communicates with energy and passion.

Quick: Remember a time where you were talking to a girl, and you could see it in her eyes, she was almost tranced out, just enamored with you..

I bet you were talking with some serious passion and energy in that moment.

Here’s a little-known secret: A lot of times when you’re talking to a woman, if you do it with such a charged, intense, passionate energy, she won’t hear a word you’re saying but will just go into a light trance of “I love this guy”.

Also a secret: People are naturally attracted to passionate, energetic people. It makes us feel alive.

Notice how every time Vince and E come to see Ari, he’s always charged up, sharing that powerful energy with everyone around him.

You can carry this kind of energy too into your own daily interactions. Try it, and notice the difference.

5. Ari dresses well.

Like a pimp.

Sure, you might not have his clothing budget or Hollywood fashion consultant to pick out your wardrobe but Ari gets it.

What you wear plays a huge role in a girl’s first impression of you (and you only get one shot at a first impression).

Find someone or some celebrity who women really like and that you also like, and model their wardrobe. Just try it out.

Actors and musicians aren’t any better at fashion than you are, but they do have professional Hollywood consultants whose only purpose is to make them look as attractive as possible telling them what to wear.

Take advantage of that, and model them too.

6. Ari always has something better to say.

A huge reason why most people love Entourage was the banter between the characters, and no one might have had better lines than Ari Gold.

Do a search on YouTube, there are dozen of tribute videos with nothing but clips of some of his best lines.

When a guy knows how to banter and always has a slick quip to comeback with, we think of him as intelligent, clever, quick on his feet.

When a woman is talking to a guy who knows how to banter, she feels one thing: Attraction.

Banter triggers all of this high-value traits in her mind but it also sparks sexual tension on its own, with the two of you verbally challenging each other.

Fortunately for you, it’s not that hard to learn either. Watch some good characters who do it well, hang out with people who are good at it and read my book twice (

7. Ari can cut through the bullshit, and ROAR when he needs to.

Part of being a high-status man is knowing how to respond when someone crosses one of your boundaries. In those moments, you must put short-term compassion aside, and cut through, letting that person know, “Hey. You’re crossing a line right now and in my world, that is unacceptable.”

Ari’s got this down, Hollywood style.

If someone ever tries to screw him on a deal, he roars back and handles his shit.

This lets everyone know around him what is and isn’t unacceptable to do or say to him – they know his personal boundaries.

A man with boundaries is highly attractive to women. If she feels like she can get away with stuff around you, then she feels like she can’t trust you long-term and is instantly turned off.

But when she can feel a man’s boundaries, she feels safe, knowing where she can and can’t go.

If someone crosses a personal boundary of yours, you don’t need to roar quite like Ari but you need to make some noise and let that person know, “Hey, that is unacceptable.”

This is also how you keep someone’s respect.

8. Ari always has a vision and a plan.

For himself, his family, his clients, Ari always has a plan and a vision for what he’s going to make happen.

Women love to be around a guy who knows exactly where he’s going, it’s an extremely masculine quality.

Do you know where you’re going in business, in your relationships, in life? Can you see it and feel it clearly?

The stronger this vision is, the more passionate you are about it and the more attractive you are to everyone.

9. Ari always talks loud enough.

By far the number one problem I see with guys looking to meet girls in bars and clubs is they talk too quietly.

Do you know what it says about you if a girl thinks you’re a quiet talker?

It says, “This guy doesn’t believe enough in what he has to say, so he must not really believe in himself much at all..”

Is that a fair assessment? Of course not.

But who cares, this is how the game is played, so either take a seat on the bench or adapt to the flow.

Notice how no one ever has to ask Ari, “What did you say?”

His voice is loud, clear and always heard.

Do the same.

10. Ari knows to keep it playful and light at all times, even when he’s going for the close.

My friends and I have a saying..

“It’s never a big deal.”

The minute you treat something like it’s a big deal, you become attached to it, your chances of it happening decrease exponentially.

But if you keep it light and playful and remember that “it’s never a big deal”, even when you’re moving to take a girl you really like back to your place, your chances of it happening increase exponentially.

In those moments of commanding someone or something to action, the other person looks closely at the sub communications you’re giving off..

Does he seem confident? Relaxed? Needy or nonneedy? Fun and light, or serious and heavy?

If you keep it light and playful and fun, you come off as entirely confident and nonneedy – or in other words, ATTRACTIVE.

If you get all serious about it, you lose that attractive spark and your offer looks a lot less appealing.

Ari knows this by heart. Watch how, even when he’s closing million dollar deals, he’s still cracking jokes and telling funny stories.

The next time it comes for you to “close a deal”, keep the same light and playful attitude and watch how people will really truly want to say Yes to such the incredibly attractive version of you, you’re putting out there.

There you have it, 10 things every guy should learn from Ari Gold.

Wanna hug it out?

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