If you loved my last post on the amazing, sexy ideas my friends come up with when we play Fishbowl Fantasy at our parties, then you will like this. This past week a bunch of you have sent me emails letting me know that you’ve been playing Fishbowl Fantasy on your own, and have even sent me some of your favorite fantasies that you’ve incorporated in to the game.

Now don’t be lazy and just read my stuff and not talk to your lady about both of your fantasies. That’s just lame and lurker-ish. If you don’t know HOW to approach her about sharing your fantasies, get Dr. Patti’s ebook, Be Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sexual Responses.

If you promise to be a good boy and talk to your woman about her fantasies, then read on…

Here are real fantasies that have been sent in by other readers:

❣ Stroke and fluff someone who is having sex.

❣ Sexy talk and kissing in the hot tub.

❣ Ohhh, it would be wonderful to suck on a woman’s breast while I DO* her…

❣ Have a DO dates with the man or woman explaining what’s going on periodically…

❣ I’d like to be in a threesome, 1 guy and 2 women, where the women are so hot and turned on they are fighting over who gets to ride me first.

❣ Let me Eye Gaze with someone of the opposite sex.

❣ I’d love to have one woman give me a hand job while 2 other women rub their breasts in my face.

❣ I’d like to give and receive the vibralicious sensation of sweetrocking, or learn how…

❣ I’d love to get my hands all over a woman and give her a massage.

❣ Double Dip: I’d like to have a threesome with two women (I’m a guy) where they are totally hot for each other and as they are making out, one laying on top of the other, I can alternately fuck one then the other.*

*Using female condoms so we are having safe sex, of course.

❣ I’d like XX to DO me while another person strokes my breasts and plays with my nipples. Then I’d like both of them to finger fuck me and stroke my G-Spot until I ejaculate.

NOTE: *DO means “deliberate orgasm.” This is another term for Expanded Orgasm, Orgasmic Meditation etc. This is what Dr. Patti teaches in her Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.


  1. I’d like to give and receive the vibralicious sensation of sweetrocking, or learn how.

  2. Very nice list of fantasies some of which I will definitely try with my girl. And of course, I have something different in mind, but I perfer to keep it for myself.

  3. Brilliant opportunities and techniques for having great sex. My first choice is anal sex, but my husband always give up when it comes to it. Well, he can make many other nice things, but the difference between my and his understandings of good sex are pretty obvious. I will definitely make him ready this site.

  4. My fantasie is having sex with two girls and doing ass to mouth with both of them. Well, I don’t want to share it with my girl, because I will probably have a problem. Can you tell me how to complete that job in the best possible manner and ask her for having threesome.

  5. Great fantasies some of which are reality for me. But I wish I can have time and money to try them all:) . Well, I would like to thank you about the useful tips how to expand the orgasm of the woman. I hope that by application of your techniques I will be better and wanted lover. and sex partner.

  6. These fantasies are really kinky and awesome. Well, I will share and my – I want to have group sex with black, white and latin girls. I want my room to be full of colors.

  7. This site is full of great ideas and tips of having the best sex in my life. I also want to be a host of such parties, but right know I just do not have any success. Well, the best part is that I know what I want and I will do my best to make my dreams and fantasies reality.

  8. I couldn’t currently have asked for a better blog. You are there to present excellent tips, going straight away to the point for simple understanding of your readers. You’re undoubtedly a terrific specialist in this matter. Thanks a ton for always being there for people like me.

  9. wish a woman with a kind heart would need musical rehearsal time here at the studio..
    and just ask me what I want do to with her.. after midnight…lol

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