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Enjoy this free report with our compliments as an introduction to Dr. Patti’s new series of 3 ebooks (+ audio books) about SEDUCTION.


More Sex More Often reviews the first of the Four Keys to Seduction, “A String of Yeses.”

Want enthusiastic “yeses!”

to your sensual offers?

Every seduction expert and intimacy coach will tell you that women get aroused more slowly and need small offers to get warmed up. Only Dr. Patti tells you how to “right size” your offers to get excited, turned-on “yeses” from your lover.

Learn about “running menus” and using “biofeedback” even when your woman isn’t verbally communicating her level of interest or arousal.

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More Sex More Often

Enjoy this free excerpt from the first of three ebooks (+ audio books) debuting very soon from Dr. Patti Taylor, creator of the Expand Her Orgasm Tonight program.

The three books include:

  • Seduce Her Tonight: Sex Life Strategies for Getting to Yes
  • Seduction Accelerator: The Most Turn-On and Hottest Sex
  • Her Sexual Trainer: Unlock Her Most Intense Sensual Responses



  1. Thank you for this great opportunity. This free report will help a lot of people to experience better sex, something very important for great relationship and happy family life. There are many sexual tips which I did not know before and that is why I am thankful for finding this great blog.

  2. I check the books and I can say that every man need to read them at least once. They are very important if you want to have better sex and better life. I can say that most of the tips and advices included in the books are really helpful, of course, if men know how to to it right and correct.

  3. This free report and the e-books will definitely help every men who are having some kind of problems to satisfy their girls and have great sex. I reccomended this info to all of my friends. At the beginning they were very sceptical, but after several days they saw the saint in my eyes. Thanks to you. Wish you all the best and waiting for more 🙂

  4. I just downloaded the free report. I will show it to my boyfrined. He will learn a lot for sure. I’m just looking for the best way to present it to him.

  5. Interesting presentation. I opened this link at work, and made sure to email it to myself so I can check it out later.

  6. Hey, thanks for the awesome posting. I’m having troubles with subscribing to your blogs feed. Thought I’d let you know 😉

  7. I downloaded the free ebook! I think my boyfriend need this. Not that our sex life isn’t fun anymore. Maybe it just has to get more exciting. So I’m thinking of talking to him about this.

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