Hey there –

It’s Isabella and I had something really interesting that I wanted to share with you.

Yesterday I went out for some coffee (I had that 2:30 feeling) and bumped in to my friend Nick.

Nick is kind of infamous for being able to meet a woman and within a few minutes, she is trying to rip his clothes off.

We got to talking about how he does it, and he explained that he is just really really really good at building sexual tension; and this alone is his main secret for getting women lined up to sleep with him.

I thought about what Nick was saying for a few minutes, and wondered if there was a way that he could show you his secrets.

Nick very graciously offered to write a “guest article” for you.

So if you want to learn how to build a lot of sexual tension with women, very quickly just keep reading below.

And once again Nick, thank you very much for sharing your unique insights!


Hey Guys,

This is Nick Rogue, and before I get started I just wanted to thank Isabella for letting me write this out for all of you. I also wanted to let you all know that Isabella is even hotter in person than she is in her photos =)

So with that out of the way, let’s get started!

Sexual Tension

Sexual tension is a requisite for any Same Night Seduction. There has been a lot of discussion over the meaning of sexual tension and what causes it, and I have devised a definition and a few simple methods for creating it that have driven all my attempts for Same Night Seductions, resulting in a lot of resistance-free sex within a few short hours (and occasionally minutes!).

But first a “working definition” for Sexual Tension.

Sexual tension is the gap between what you desire in the moment, and what is actually the case.

Tension resides in that space between fantasy and reality so in order to generate it, you must widen that gap.

All tension is aimed at resolution, be it in physics, music, or seduction.  If you can build strong enough Sexual Tension, she will long for that resolution, and when she does you will never have to experience that unpleasant “resistance” at the end of the night that oh so many guys have experienced.


Because she’s going to want that resolution just as much as you do…She just needs it in the correct time (i.e. you have escalated her enough up the S-Axis) and place (i.e. you have taken her to a place where sex can realistially occur).

I will give you some sure-fire methods in a moment on how to generate that sexual tension, but keep in mind that you should always be trying to not only increase that desire for pleasurable fulfillment but also the gap between that…

Natural Tension

I’m about to give you some great news:

There is already a “natural” tension that exists between a man and a woman, just by the mere fact that you have a penis and she has a vagina…

…and that tension is by very definition sexual tension!

All you have to do to generate instead Sexual Tension is to maintain what is already there and you’re on your way!

Sure, to get her REALLY horny, you’re going to want to escalate the Sexual Tension, but in the meantime capatilize on what is already present.

And for chrissakes, whatever you do, DON’T RELEASE THIS TENSION PREMATURELY!

This is what most guys do, they either release it early by decreasing her desire (e.g. “teasing” or “insulting” her at in opportune moments) or by “narrowing the gap” (e.g. making out with her in a public venue).

You want to demonstrate to her that you can handle sexual tension properly.

One way you can demonstrate this is by being comfortable with silences.  In those vacuous spaces between words there is tension that can be filled by words or by desire.

Remember, all “tension” between a man and a woman is sexual by very definition.
2 Quick Methods For Generating Massive Sexual Tension

The two easiest ways I know to intensify the natural tension that already exists are reciprocal. You can either possess a heightened internal state of controlled arousal in the absence of overt sexuality


sexually charged overt communication with a neutral internal state.

(Note: I like to think of this dichotomy as either internally turned on while overtly neutral, or internally neutral while overtly sexual.)

Experience demonstrates this to be true. Ever hung around someone who was in an intensely bad mood and eventually found yourself feeling lousy too? Internal states are contagious, for lack of a better word.

And women are more susceptible to picking up internal states than men because they are wired to perceive all levels of communication, especially the non‐verbal ones.

As stated previously, women love and crave sex. If you cannot give her sexual satisfaction, you are worthless to her on this primal level. But you can subtly communicate that you can give her the sexual experiences she craves by presenting a controlled sexual arousal while having neutral conversation.

A trick I do while interacting with a woman is to talk about normal topics, while imagining the back of her head throbbing up and down as she gives me the most amazing blow job of my life. She will perceive this on a subconscious level and become aroused herself.

Doing this also has an affect on your inner game. It’s hard to feel anything but confident and alpha as you are imagining her sucking you off like she has never wanted anything else in her life as badly.

The corollary to the above means to gain sexual tension is also true. If you are going to go sexual in words with her, you absolutely must be in a neutral state internally.

If she perceives you to be sexually charged internally as you discuss sexual topics, she will deem you creepy, sexually needy, or just a plain, despicable perv.

A lot of my game includes going sexual or saying sexual things. The average guy doing this would just creep women out, but this is because when they are saying and doing these things, they are also internally aroused.

When I go sexual, my internal state is neutral.

This demonstrates that I have control over my sexuality. Most guys become aroused as a reaction, not as a choice. For me, arousal is my choice!

When women perceive this ability (and she most certainly will!), it generates intense sexual tension.

She will be unconsciously thinking, “How can this guy be so internally unaffected, when he is obviously being very sexual with me? He must be the the kind of guy who KNOWS what to do!”

Arbitrary Boundaries

Sexual tension is also built upon the boundaries between what you desire and what is currently the case. Earlier I referred to talking neutral but being in a controlled aroused state. This creates the boundary necessary to fuel sexual tension.

Another way to build sexual tension is to create arbitrary boundaries. You can do this by saying things such as, “It’s too bad we’re in a bar right now, because if we weren’t I would throw you up against that wall, and start making out with you passionately…but we’re in a bar so no chance!” Remember to maintain a neutral internal state while delivering this sort of statement.

Get into the habit of creating arbitrary boundaries to why you shouldn’t get sexual and the sexual tension will become so strong she can’t help but get really excited and turned on.

Other Examples:

“It’s too bad we just met, because otherwise we would probably sneak off into the nearest bathroom, have wild, passionate sex, and then come back out here, enjoy our cocktails, and have witty conversation as if nothing happened…but we just met, so that’s not possible.” “It would be totally rude of me to imagine you and I have the kinkiest sex ever since we’re just barely getting to know each other, so I definitely will NOT be doing that at all….Now what were you saying again?” Come up with as many of your own ways to create arbitrary boundaries and pepper your conversation with them. Notice how easily sexual tension is created when you make these comments.


Now you have several tools at your disposal on how to maintain and escalate Sexual Tension.

Here’s what you can do to hone your abilities:

1)   When conversing with a woman, practice counting to 3 after everything she says.  Not only will this often cause her to fill in the silence with her own words (thus relieving  you of the burden of generating conversation) but it will also help increase Sexual Tension

2)   Practice in front of a mirror saying something completely neutral like “I like chocolate ice cream cones” while being internally aroused…then switch to saying it while being neutral.  See if you can notice the difference.  Practice this until you can switch gears seamlessly.

3)   Practice in front of a mirror saying something overtly sexual like, “It’s too bad we’re in a bar right now, otherwise I would take you up against that wall and do you from behind…but we’re in a bar, so we shouldn’t even be thinking about that” (Note: This also contains an arbitrary boundary).  Say this while being completely neutral internally, then try it bringing in some horniness

4)   Think of 10 different arbitrary boundaries and write them down for future reference.  Pick your favorite 3 and go out and practice them with women until you can it without even thinking about it.

Get Some!

Nick Rogue



  1. Hey,

    This was a real treat for me to be able to work with Nick on putting this together for you.

    If you like what he has to say, have any questions for either of us, or just want to see more sexy photos of me, please let me know by leaving a nice comment.


    – Isabella Stone

  2. Hey Isabella,

    Always a pleasure chatting with you and thanks again for allowing me the privilege to share this article on your blog. Looking forward to our next encounter 😉

  3. Hi Isa, If that is your real photo and not a professional models then WOW and hats off to you,
    even though i don’t wear hat. Hope you will be able to maintain that divine figure right into your
    twilight years.
    As regards Nick’s tip what can i say but THANK YOU. Hope i get a chance to implement it.


  4. Great article showing how women can pick up & perceive natural energy that one portrays. Thanks for sharing. Regards Dale

  5. Thanks for the great article, Nick & Isabella!

    Interesting read – and good tip about testing the difference in internal states infront of a mirror before going into the ‘field’.

    Take care,

  6. Interesting read, things to think about. As to Isabella’s picture, her name says it all, Isabella ‘The Beautiful One’.

  7. Spot on with this write-up, I actually think this web site wants rather more consideration. I’ll in all probability be again to learn rather more, thanks for that info.

  8. Thank you ten times over. This information is extremely valuable. I am already experiencing results and see the applied information come to fruition. Thank you.


  9. Isabella,

    If I met you in the flesh, I’d be talking about the weather and fashion trends while imagining you in some sexy red lingerie stroking your hand along my thigh. You look stunning.

    Nick, Thanks for the advice. I’ll be giving it a try with a date I have this weekend.


  10. Isabella,

    It’s too bad we’re chatting online right now, otherwise I would take you up against that wall and do you hard from behind…but we’re online, so we shouldn’t even be thinking about that.

    Look forward to the pics

  11. Good insight to female sense of intamicey and arousal. Verification by trial. Here’s to you both, Nick and Isabella.

  12. Nick, you’re right on with the tip about talking about “normal” stuff while picturing sexual fantasies. I do that all the time and I’m 100% sure that it is communicated with body language and just… my natural energy while I’m talking to a guy.

    Not that I need any help picking up guys, mind you. 😉

    But so much of the art of seduction is confidence, wouldn’t you say? And I think running that sexual fantasy in your head while talking to someone really helps to give you that confidence. After all – if you picture what you desire already happening… that’s going to automatically give you the confidence that you can achieve it, right?

  13. Hey Isa,
    I’ve never comment on any blog spot b4…..but i must confess, u hav got me there. It goes a long way to comfirm d fact dat d female sexuality is almost mental.

    Most PUA hav using dis term “sexual tension”…..i’v been confused abt it meaning……now i got it. And i see d reasons why girls i dnt lik …likes me more.. And d ones i lik…. Dont.

    Thanks 4 sharing such an incredible info…freeeeee…..

    And pics

  14. Hey Isa,
    I’ve never comment on any blog spot b4…..but i must confess, u hav got me there. It goes a long way to comfirm d fact dat d female sexuality is almost mental.

    Most PUA hav using dis term “sexual tension”…..i’v been confused abt it meaning……now i got it. And i see d reasons why girls i dnt lik …likes me more.. And d ones i lik…. Dont.

    Thanks 4 sharing such an incredible info…freeeeee…..

    And ur pics

  15. Hiya – just to say I have tried the internal state and god damn it really works – only takes a few minutes but you have to be really in the zone – many thanks Nick. I am a life coach for people with disability and I am trying to help some men at the minute to get their self-esteem and confidence back especially after acquiring a chronic disability.

    Thanks for the freebie – I run a non profit site.

    Wil Coyle.

  16. Thanks Nick and Isabella for this great info. I cant wait to try this out. I’ll practice it myself and see if it works. Although there is no doubt in my mind it will. Thanks again.

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