As a man, getting a blow job is one of the most pleasurable sensations you can experience.

It’s something that you enjoy receiving, but you might be hesitant on asking your girlfriend or wife to give you too many of them. It’s important to think of how to get her to give you more head without making her feel like a sexual object.

Just because you enjoy getting head doesn’t mean that she likes giving it, and making her enjoy the experience along with you is the best way for both of you to get the most out of it. Here are some things to consider so that you can get your girl to give you more head.

One of the most important things is to make sure that your girl is having fun when she is giving you head. Many women don’t like giving blow jobs because they feel like they are being degraded and shamed. Take the time to let her know that she is in control and that she should feel sexually empowered when giving head.

If she doesn’t like to be on her knees, lie down so that she is more comfortable and can enjoy the experience more.

Giving your woman the power means letting her move at her own pace. Let her tease you the way that she wants.

While you most likely want her to just dive in and start the blow job, let her tease you and touch your body. Maybe she wants to kiss your neck and work her way down, or start at your toes and go up.

Either way, it’s important to let her control the pace and speed of the blow job. Nobody wants to have their head shoved into someone’s crotch and then thrust frantically back and forth; it’s not a pleasurable experience, and makes her feel like she’s just being used as a tool.

Many women don’t have the confidence in giving a blow job, which hinders their performance and eagerness for giving head. Maybe they have had a bad experience with a previous partner or they are doing it for the first time. Either way, be sure to give them feedback on what you like and how it makes you feel. Don’t think for a moment that women are naturally good at giving head; it takes time and practice, and they will enjoy it much more when they know what turns you on. Also, you’ll be able to have a blissful experience when she knows all of the right buttons to push. Don’t just be a silent participant in the blow job; give her the tools she needs to make you feel good and empowered doing it.

If you are looking for some oral sex, chances are high that your woman is looking for the same. Don’t demand that she gives you head and you give nothing in return. Women can enjoy getting head just as much as men do, and it’s only fair that you return the favor. She might be reluctant to give you head because you don’t do anything for her. Put yourself in her position and remember that it’s not always about you, especially when it comes to sex. If you absolutely must get head and can’t come off of it, try the 69 position so that you can both be pleasured at the same time.

Another way you can give her pleasure is with sex toys. Play with her while she is giving you head so that you are both involved in the activity. Use vibrators and alternate the speed when you get close to an orgasm. The more pleasured a woman gets, the more aroused she becomes, and the more she will enjoy giving blow jobs. If you do this enough, she may begin to associate sex toys with blow jobs and look forward to them because they feel good for her as well.

Lastly, guys, be sure that you are clean down there. Women don’t want to get their face into an area that is dirty or disgusting. Take care of your body so that she doesn’t have to suffer through strange tastes or odors because you were too lazy to clean your body properly. Think about how you would feel if a woman didn’t take care of her body and asked you to give her head. Keep yourself clean and groomed; she’ll thank you for it with more oral sex.

Getting your lover to give you more head is just the first obstacle you’re going to need to overcome. The second one is getting her to give you the best blow jobs of your life, each and every time she goes down on you.

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  1. This artical is great and full of tips for couples to open and start communication with couples. This is important most of all to be open ant talk about sexual preferences, likes and dislikes and what each other does very well. Keep up the great articals!

  2. My wife says she doesn’t want that thing in her mouth under any circumstances. Never had a blow job in my life and never will without paying someone for it.

  3. i need a girl or woman who is interested in sex and give me a blow job, how to approach a woman for sex.i would like to get the feedback suggestion from u

  4. I am astounded that you have given such good advice and not one person (man)has had the decency to comment! Obviously they are either already getting a fantastic blow job from their woman, they don’t want one or like them and lastly do not appreciate the best thing ever invented WOMAN. They are so beautiful and love to give themselves to you but also need to get something in return! How hard is it to say I love what you are doing now, she will keep doing it! Then when it is over thank you that was wonderful! xxxx

  5. I like your article and it has good advice however have been marired 21years never had a BJ and never will. I have tried all of your recommened advise and them some and she just is never going to do it. I give and she thoughly enjoys me giving her oral, in fact it is often the only way for her to orgasm, but as much as I have expressed my desire to recieve she will never do it, thus there is no point in even thinking about your offer (dvd). Wish you did have some “magic” to make it happen.

  6. Wonderful article!

    As a girl myself, I know that giving a head may not be that pleasurable for a woman as you may think. We do not like that taste of your throw-ups (though there are exceptions to that).
    The only reason that she might consider this is that she gets something 10X in return of that…..
    Make sure you guys give her share of the pleasure too. Learn how to please her in bed. Give your best shot each and every time, that you have got to take her off the roof, so that she is realize that you are ready to do anything to satisfy her. This results into Reciprocity! She will surely reciprocate the favor.
    Also do let her know that, she really blows your mind whenever she goes down on you. Let her know that this is one of the greatest & the best feeling that you feel ever. Woman like to do something that they know their guys are just crazy for.
    And the most important… Show her some respect. Do not just push it on her. Never…I repeat, Never ever treat her like a sex object. What you guys see in those porn movies, of man treating their woman like a ‘slut’ is just disgusting and is just pure BS! No woman ever likes to be treated like that.
    Shower your love and care for her. Show her your appreciation & gratefulness for giving you this extreme pleasurable moments. She will love to give you a head!
    Thanks a lot for sharing this awesome information.. 🙂

  7. emma or isabella why is it so different (on average) for men and women. I personally enjoy going down on her more than just about anything else in the world. Yet the opposite is true for most women. i hear your advise and perhaps i am (must be) a horrible lover but i truely feel i have made an honest and heart felt effort to do all the things you say yet oral sex in particular is just never going to be in her play book. I find a womans body (all of it)so many “honorable” things to me i could not list them all, yet that “mind set” is rarely the case for women. Very little pleasure, attraction, and lust if you will comes from a naked male body, body parts, and most definately oral anything. I have never been with anyone but my wife so i certainly don’t know much but, very little if any “emotional and physical’ connection seems to be derived from connection with the male physical body yet so much of my (male) well being, happiness, self eastem, and emotional connection is derived from acess to my wives physical body. A disgusting fact I guess, bad side affect of testostrone poisoning, but never the less at least for me a fact of life.

  8. Wow, great stuff here, but I find it hard to believe that this is not common knowledge. As a young man, I learned early on that taking care of a woman first will yield much better results. I have even watched a girl that I had been with earlier that day, showing a group of girls that she was talking with how she went into an uncontrollable spasmodic orgasm from receiving a wonderful oral session. Two of the girls in the group asked me out before the night was over, one being the sister of my girl. The scent and taste of a woman is like ambrosia to me, I can’t wait to smell and taste her , and to have her pulling my hair in her throes of an orgasm. I have never had to ask for head, it was given in appreciation. Earlier this year a friend of mine asked how often I got bj’s, he didn’t believe me as many reading this probably won’t, that I get a bj 4-5 times a week. But I also go down 6-7 times a week. BTW, pineapple juice drank daily keeps the fluids sweet for her. Wife has confirmed it works! After 23 years together, we still get very oral!!!! Happy licking!!!

  9. i am at the point now were i am pretty much going to have to beg for her to let me please her. i can only get off knowing she has been taken care of and i love going down and making her sqweeeeeeeel with love because if i do my jb right then she will be soaking herselfe and anyone with-in 15 ft of her squirmin and squirtin. because i have me a one of a kind soaker and its best when she is ontop doggy style and thatway i can get my whole tounge all the way around her puss and then drive it in oh so slow so she builds with exitement. i will take my so wet lips and run them up along side her inner thigh and then when she is ready i will be at her beck and call. i cant be satisfied unless my woman is thats a fact jack

    my women must cum first…. thenn it daddys turn

  10. Dear Isa Darling,

    Indeed you are an excellent tutor, my God, the way you were explaining in the article , i was assuming (sorry to say-it is little dirty) that you were doing BJ for me, thanks darling.
    Looking for another sexy article, love you sexy baby.

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