Hey there,

I’ve received a ton of emails lately from both men and women asking “How can i get my ex lover back?”

So as a way of trying to help out everyone who’s ever been in this situation, I want you to have my brand new eBook for free!

If you like this eBook and want to see more like it, please leave me a nice comment below!

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone


  1. Hi, thanks for all your info and teachings πŸ™‚ I want my ex to want me but I don’t want her to think I want her back. I want her to want me and for her to make the frist move. I dont know if this is possible because she is with someone else now for the last ten months or so. If you could give me some help and advice on this matter, thanks

  2. Fran,

    If she’s been with someone for close to a year you may be too late. In this case you’re going to have to be very direct with her and let her know that you still want to be with her.

    If she rejects you, then leave it alone. But if she says she wants you too, just understand that it’s going to be a bit tricky for her to leave her new man right away.

  3. Since my ex left me life have neber be the same. She does not respond to my call neither massages. Ilove her and I want ner back buy it seems to me she not interested and we used to have a wonderful loge together. Can plrase help me to get her back.

  4. Keep it up with your great lessons which are building couple relationships. I cant wait to hear from you.

  5. Thank you for sharing this, the e-book alone has some very interesting insights, especially the role of the differing ways that men and women deal with stress.

  6. hm, idk if this should even be advice…if its an ex why want the ex back…all games are to get the ex back…fail.

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