Hey guys! It’s Isabella. I’m here today with Josh Pellicer, author of The Tao Of Badass, to discuss a very racy and naughty topic – how a man can transition quickly from making out with a woman, to actually having sex right then and there! I mean… Even in a bathroom at a bar! And, if she’s already at your place, this will get things sexual there too.

I’ve seen some incredible things on adult film sets and at a few wild parties, and I can tell you from experience that if you know what to do, this IS possible. That’s why I’m interviewing Josh about this incredible claim and topic. Josh, how are you?

Josh: I’m great! Thanks for having me.

Isabella: So you were telling me before that you can quickly transition from making out with a woman in a bar or restaurant, to actually doing the nasty in a public bathroom – and without using fancy seduction phrases, hypnosis or any of the other B.S. we hear about from time to time.

And you said that you use certain body language and non-verbal behaviors to make it happen. I think most of us have seen girls like me get seduced and made to moan in public before in some adult films, but again – most of that is actually scripted – when it happens in real life, it’s a liiiiiittle more complicated than that. Haha. Tell me how you discovered how to do this with women like me, Josh.

Josh: Well, I consider myself a pretty regular guy… Ok… Maybe a bit below average. Haha… And I  used to be pretty bad with women. And years ago I started a serious sort of quest to improve my dating, pickup and seduction skills – all without listening  dating “gurus.” The truth is that I didn’t even know they existed at that time. I just thought I was alone in this. But because I didn’t follow any ‘system’ and didn’t think there was a ‘right way’ to do this, I discovered some techniques that ended up being totally revolutionary and unique and they seemed to work pretty consistently no matter who did them. I also realized what kind of women they had the best chance of working with. I was able to qualify and disqualify women quickly, which saved me a lot of time and frustration. And eventually I learned to recognize which techniques would work on women just by looking at their body language.

In my learning process, I got to certain levels with women, but would occasionally hit a massive sticking point and couldn’t progress any further. For example, things would get hot and heavy in a public and we’d be furiously making out, but it just wouldn’t transition to actually having sex. And, of course, there’s a huge risk in trying to get a girl from a bar, club, or restaurant, to her place or mine so we could continue.

That was really difficult – and at the time, it almost seemed impossible. So I thought: “How can I ‘close the deal’ right here and now, instead of trying to lead a girl some place else?” And that’s how I sort of accidentally ‘cracked the code’ in this part of my sex life.

Isabella: That’s interesting. I have a pretty active social life. I think most attractive girls do. Most guys I see when I go out to clubs, bras, etc. aren’t that successful at picking up women. That’s because they don’t approach a woman – or if they do approach, they can’t engage a woman and sustain a conversation for more than a couple of minutes… Or they’re using some canned tactics or lines that aren’t congruent with their personality. In a loud bar or club, it’s really difficult for a guy to carry on a conversation and seduce a woman. And you know… Girls are terrible teases sometimes! Some women will make out with a guy that they’re not that interested in, then when he tries to get sexual, they’ll leave him hanging. I know it’s evil but so many girls think it’s super fun!

Josh: Haha. Well… I don’t blame them. I like doing it to girls too!

Isabella: Touche!

Josh: That’s a good point. And I think that the biggest key is that being successful at this doesn’t rely much on what you say, but mainly on body language and non-verbal cues that lead to unstoppable sexual tension. A guy has to make a woman feel like she wants to have sex with him. As you know, women are more emotionally-driven in their decision-making than guys are, and won’t respond to being “talked into” or “convinced” to have sex. He also has to ease a woman’s fear of being considered or labeled a slut, because she’ll be having sex with a guy she barely knows. Some girls are fine with being labeled a slut to their friends, but most girls, and even girls like yourself in the adult film industry, don’t like to be called sluts… Outside of the bedroom, of course.

Isabella: That’s a great point! I love to be a ‘dirty little slut’ in private, but in public it’s a completely different story. A few of my friends don’t even know that I work in the adult industry at all! I think this keeps a lot of women from being as naughty and sexual as they’d like to be. It’s a societal double standard: The guy who sleeps with multiple women is a stud – and the girl who sleeps with multiple guys is a slut.

Josh: Exactly. In order to take things to the next level sexually, she has to know that it’s OK for her to be sexual with you, and that she won’t be judged for it. Or all of those fears of judgments will come up in her mind while you’re trying to turn her on. To speak to your man-slut comment though, I recently had an article in AOL News about how I’ve been polyamorous in the past and dated up to 7 women at the same time… Well after the article came out they put together a poll where something like 1,200 people gave their opinion on whether I was a slut or not – I think this would’ve devastated a girl… But I thought it was awesome. Just so you know, it was a landslide – 95% of the people who voted said I was a slut. Haha.

Isabella: Hahaha. Well there you have it! It sounds like you “walk your talk” when it comes to practicing the seduction advice you give to other guys. So… I’m dying to know, and I know everyone else is too… How do you go from just making out with a girl to having her grab you by the hand and heading to the bathroom for some private time?

Josh: Ok. So I’m going to have to skip over what I believe to be the hardest parts of this process – like approaching her the right way, using your body language and banter to get her interested/attracted, and knowing how to sort of use Inception to make her want to kiss you – I DO have some videos on how to do those things and I’ll give you a link so your fans can watch those for free as well – but for now, I’m going to tell you what to do once you’re making out with her

Isabella: Oh that’d be awesome! I want to watch them too.

Josh: Cool. No problem.

First: You want to make sure you ‘ramp up’ the sexual tension during the kiss. One way you can do that is by taking a loooong and sloooow inhale through your nose when you are kissing. It should last about 4 seconds but no less than 2 seconds.

Second: As you’re breathing in slowly you’re going to slowly move your hips closer to hers until her hips are touching yours. The entire front of your body should be touching hers at this point.

Third: Slightly tilt her head back – which can be difficult if she’s taller than you – and continue to kiss her at sort of a downward angle. This one is actually pretty crucial as she’ll fall into a more submissive position and it prepares her for the next part where you’ll sort of entice her to be more aggressive.

Fourth: Here’s the one that took me forever to figure out. I knew I wanted to get her involved so I wasn’t the only one putting in a sexual effort with the girls I was making out with – so I tried a ton of stuff to get them involved. I tried asking them to do stuff – that just killed the mood. I tried stopping and seeing if they would ask me to keep going – they just *snapped out of it* when I did that and then got nervous. I even tried whispering seductive and sexy things into their ears and that either broke the mood or made it seem too forced and pushy. The ONE THING I eventually tried that worked 9 out of 10 times is embarrassingly simple and almost impossible to fuck up… All you do is, in the heat of the moment when you’re making out like crazy, take her hand and put it right on your cock on the outside of your pants.

That’s IT. She’ll start going crazy and getting very aggressive with you and you just take her, right then – don’t wait around – and walk her to the bathroom, a cab, an alley, whatever! A word of the wise though – if there isn’t a secluded one-person-at-a-time bathroom and you have to choose between the men’s and women’s restroom, ALWAYS choose the women’s restroom. Nothing kills the mood more than getting hot and heavy while some dude farts and burps in the stall next to you. Haha.

Isabella: DAMN… That might be one of the best things I’ve ever heard! That totally rocks! And you know what’s funny is that almost exactly what works with me too. It’s such a turn on for a guy to involve me like that when we’re getting hot and heavy. I don’t want to feel like I’m being made out with, I want to feel like we are both making out with each other. You know what I mean?

Josh: Oh yeah. Totally. I mean… At the end of the day you want to be submissive, but obviously consenting, you know?

Isabella: Glad you made that point! There’s a fine line between dominant and domineering. What would you say are the biggest obstacles that you see guys face as they learn these skills with being better with women.

Josh: Right, well the first obstacle for some guys is actually believing they can get better with women in the first place. Because of their childhood, past relationships or other factors, most of them don’t believe they can get past these hurdles or handicaps in their mind. The second obstacle is not having the right information. We live in the Information Age on steroids, but so many guys still struggle when it comes to their social life – and it doesn’t have to be that way.

The third obstacle is not being willing to put in the time and effort to actually apply this new-found dating and seduction knowledge. All the info in the world won’t do a guy a bit of good, if he isn’t willing to put it into practice… make some mistakes… and get better with women than he ever thought possible.

Isabella: Yeah I agree. But, some guys reading this may be skeptical about what you’re saying. They may have read books from best-selling authors, or spent a lot of money on things like expensive seminars from well-known PUA or seduction “gurus.” What makes your information and tactics different from what’s already in the market?

Josh: Oh man I hate this question. Haha.

Isabella: Haha. Oops!

Josh: Oh no it’s fine it’s just that, contrary to what you might think, I don’t really know how to brag about myself. Haha.

There’s a lot of good stuff in the Pick Up and seduction world that guys can benefit from – but I’ve found a lot of it is the same recycled info, with a new twist or label. Many of these gimmicks, games and canned lines are a short-term fix, and will eventually fail guys in the long run. These are like crutches and they solve some specific situations with approaching or talking to a woman, but doesn’t give them a road map or system which shows them how to successfully relate to and seduce a woman.

When I started my quest to get better with women – about 9 years ago, actually – I learned through the School of Hard Knocks, and developed dating and seduction techniques that are just straight up effective. I’ve spent tens-of-thousands of hours in bars, restaurants, clubs and coffee shops talking and relating to women. And, of course, when I found out there were other guys learning this stuff too, I teamed up with a lot of them and learned as much as I could from them. I had a LOT of mentors.

Isabella: That’s awesome Josh. So where can guys go to get more information like this from you?

Josh: I’ve actually got a few free videos, which will help them a lot.

In the first video I teach how to pass the three most common tests that women give men

In the second one I go over how to avoid the 7 biggest mistakes men make with women

And then my favorite technique ever is in the third video – the “Make-Out Technique” – that can subconsciously persuade the women they’re talking with to kiss them. That one’s a little sneaky but very very effective.

Isabella: Ooooohh… I’m intrigued! I’ll have to watch that third one at least! I’ll give my guys a link to watch those videos. You said they’re free for my guys, right?

Josh: Absolutely. Totally free.

Isabella: That’s great. Thanks so much for your time Josh! Really great getting to interview you!

Josh: My pleasure completely, Isabella. Let me know if you’ve like me to swing back for another interview. I love doing these.

Isabella: Definitely!

And as promised, here’s the link to those videos: Click HERE


  1. Going to club tomorrow night will def. try this!

    One question… how long should you wait before 3rd and 4th step??
    or do u even haveto wait at all

  2. Ok, I love this advice. However, the reason for my interest is that I’m a bi-girl. What alternatives would you suggest for step 4?

  3. @Dirk – The time between the 3rd and 4th steps depend on the situation. since all situations are differnt, it’s best to wait until you start to feel butterflies in your stomach. That’s your bodies way of telling you it’s time to move on.

    @JT – You don’t need to do anything different than guys would. If you’re really in to a girl you’re making out with, go ahead and put her hand on your crotch.

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