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  1. Wow, you answered more questions I’ve had in the past, and answered them in this short time, and you are very Attractive on top of it. I’ve payed alot of money for what you just said in these few short minutes.some man is very lucky to be you for his life time partner. Thank You….Frank

  2. Thanks Frank – Krista had a blast answer your questions. Keep sending more, and we’ll keep answering them.

  3. Damn.. you just answered most of my questions within 9 minutes. Krista.. your awesome.

    Thanks Isabella πŸ™‚

  4. @Yesh – Check back in a day or two. Our other brand new trainer Leann will be answering more questions for you.

  5. Thanks for all of the great information Krista. My question is, how do you best introduce things like toys or anal sex to a girl without having her freak out?


  7. Excellent free advice Krista. I know your tips works because I have practice them in the past and got good results. Any attraction information you charge for must be awesome and really worth it. Looking forward to more of your valuable information.

  8. Thanks Krista…good lesson…now i’m ready for my exam! let me know when you have a couple of hours to verify if I learned all πŸ˜‰

  9. nice very nice i found it educative though it got cut in the middle probably my email connection,i however would love to hear mo about how to lick a vagina the right way with a demostration seeing that she had a model of a vagina that could have helped me a lot coz i hear a lot of words like licking probing i dont know wat they mean coz english is not my mother tongue

  10. I bought sex video course and watch it sitting and laying positions but I don’t like to use them on a girl. Would you create some standing positions in fantasy lover formula course?

  11. I am joking about sitting and laying positions, the more the better. Just want to know what to say to woman in standing position to make her nude?

  12. When would you like to release a new video series called the “fantasy lover formula training course”

  13. thankyou for hot spot area but reading body laugur and pick up line. Is hard too do. any c.d’s on it at all. many thank’s

  14. Hi!
    This video clarifies some aspects of sexual life.
    However there is one point that for me is today a mistery:How can I know that the girl I am with is faking pleasure (it is so thin the frontier between real and fake!).
    Thank you

  15. That was amazingly helpful, thank you krista.
    And also, the dvd that you starred in called the fantasy lover formula, Do you and your partner show
    on the dvd how to do the stuff with each other as an example or what?

    Great video, and see ya later!

  16. Hey Taylor,

    There aren’t any physical DVD’s, but everything is 100% downloadable inside the members area.

    However, to answer your other question, YES! Krista and Leeann demonstrate everything completely on each other πŸ™‚


  17. Thks sweetie for everything you teach. I’m always looking to better myself in all things & pleasing my girl will be something I look forward to when I finally decide to get involved :). I also plan to get your program soon. Things are a little tight right now while I’m trying to establish a small business. Again thks & please keep educating me. By the way, WOW!!!! You are sexy sweetie

  18. Krystal is gorgeous, great to listen and good with all the explanations, no airs and graces yum yum

  19. You have such a sex savvy, confident presentation.
    I love your voice, it’s honeyed tones gives your delivery a comfortable, personal touch.
    Also, love your hair, you’re fit.

  20. I love your straight forward answers – No BS from you !

    Thank you and look forward to more…….xx

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