You may not be aware of this, but women are capable of having many different kinds of orgasms; but there is one kind that stands out as the single most pleasurable orgasm a woman can have. And that is the famous (and sadly, all to often ignored) “G-spot orgasm”.

Clitoral, A-spot, Deep spot, U-spot, and even squirting orgasms are all great, but pale in comparison to the mighty G-spot. So now, I want to show you how to not only locate a woman’s G-spot, but also give her so much pleasure, that you drive her absolutely wild. Be ready though; once you do this properly to your partner, she will insist you do it each and every time you have sex.


First of all, the G-spot isn’t actually a “spot”, it’s actually an entire area located approximately 2 inches inside the vagina on the upper vaginal wall (on her stomach side, instead of the anus side).

So while your partner is lying on her back, insert your middle finger in to her vagina, with your palm facing upwards. Stroke your finger along her upper vaginal wall until you find something that feels like a ribbed surface, similar to the inside of your mouth, right behind your top row of front teeth.

Congratulations, you’ve now done something that most men will never do. You’ve found the G-spot! And now that you know where it is, it’s time to learn how to simulate it properly.


While it might be more enjoyable for most men to try and pleasure a woman with his penis, it is very difficult to hit the G-spot this way. Since every man has a different size and shaped penis, there is simply not enough room to cover everything you’ll need to know in this article.

However, we teach you (in great detail) the positions that will best stimulate her G-spot in our “Incredible Sex Video Series” no matter what size or shape penis you have.

So for the sake of this article, we are going to discuss G-spot stimulation, using your fingers. But before we get in to that, I’m going to show you an amazing technique to getting her incredibly turned on and ready for an intense G-spot orgasm.

Now, while this step is not necessary, it WILL increase her pleasure immensely, and get her screaming and shaking very quickly. So if you really want to knock her socks off, go ahead and watch THIS VIDEO on clitoral stimulation.


So now she should be all warmed up and ready for you to take charge. With her laying on her back, and you kneeling in front of her, with your middle and ring or pointer fingers touching her G-spot, you are going to want to use a “come over here” motion.

One thing you need to watch out for is the amount of pressure you use when you do this. Most men are very strong, and don’t realize just how much they are using. Remember to be gentle when you are stimulating a woman’s G-spot, because it’s hard for us to enjoy what you’re doing, if is uncomfortable.


A lot of times a woman will be really enjoying what her partner is doing to her, but he screws it all up when he starts changing his techniques around. So it’s very important for you to realize that when she is enjoying what you are doing, DO NOT CHANGE IT UP!

Okay, so how do you know that you’re woman is really enjoying it? Well asides from the moaning, screaming, body shaking, and her digging her mails in to you; you should pay close attention to her breathing patterns.

If her breathing seems a little erratic, and almost as if she’s panting, then that’s a great clue that you are doing a good job =)


All too often, people fall in to a rut with their partners. They figure out the techniques that they enjoy, and only stick to using those.

You get undressed, use the same old foreplay techniques (in most cases foreplay only lasts a measly 3-5 minutes) and then go straight in to having sex.

This is an easy way to leave your partner wanting more. See, women crave variety and excitement in the bedroom, so it’s very important that you can give it to them. I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep the sex fresh and new, if you really want to enjoy it and KNOW that your partner loves every second of it

So if you are serious about learning the very best techniques in the world, and taking your sex life to the next level, then I’ve got you covered. I’ve recruited some of the greatest givers of pleasure to women to help show you Step-By-Step EXACTLY what to do, and how to do it, in order to give her the most intense orgasms of her entire life.

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone



  1. Finding the G-spot is essential if you want to be really good lover. It will definitely help you to pleasure your girlfriend. This article shows us again that it is not so hard to achieve that goal and make even stronger your relationship and sexual life.

  2. All men must read this tips very carefully!!!!!! Just do not try quickly to satisfy yourself. As you see, the game is bigger than you think. The right spot really matters.

  3. This article anlog with video about the clitoral orgasms are awesome. I know that G-spot ORGASM will keep my girl warm at least several hours. Lol, I am getting horny. Thank you again. I am going to have sex with my girl right away.

  4. I love when my girl scream during her orgasm. This pleasant info will help me to make her even happier. I know that G-spot is sometimes the most important spot and destination in the world. Your step by step guide how to do things properly is fantastic. I thought that I know everything, but I was obviously wrong. Thanks.

  5. I can say that this is the best presented info about the G-spot and how to stimulate and pleasure your partner. I never knew that the thing are so complicated, but thanks to this article the mystery is revealed. Wild, wild, wild sex – I’m coming.

  6. Hi Ryan,
    First of all thank you for doing that. Many men just do not get it how important is teh G-spot and think just for themselves. I hope that by teaching them how to be better lovers you will help many women across the globe. Hope that they will finally learn that they are not the most important in the sex.

  7. Deep spot works amazingly well too! You need to stimulate her psycological mind. Understand that under her “angelic appearance”, is a ruthless sexual creature that is just waiting to come out.

    Be taken, controlled, dominated and ravished like the vixen she loves to be!!!

    Then she can have multiple, squirting, instant orgasms on command w/o stimulation

  8. Hi there! This post couldn’t be written any better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  9. This design is incredible! You most certainly know how to keep a reader amused. Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Fantastic job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how you presented it. Too cool!

  10. Glad I came across your site! Thank you for this great article. I’ve been hearing a lot about the G-spot but really never tried it. I learned a lot from this! Thanks

  11. An appatite-wetting article – but is only the tip of the iceburg, keep them comming or should I say cumming!!!

  12. This is the best video iv seen in a long time it tell your what to do and not to do how to do it the right way. I will gave her a note 100% cheers.

  13. hey isbella iliked it very much now icame to know the reality hou to please a girl while sex thanks

  14. I tried the G-Spot technique with my wife but she did not enjoy it. In fact, she discouraged me to continue it. Of course, she felt to Pie while I was trying for G-Spot stimulation but I could not continue long.

  15. Hello Isabel

    ıt is very good that I learn from new technics but also very nice to remember and
    refreshing the things ı know
    thank you

  16. Hello Isabella Stone,

    I would surely say that your Teacing is Very Much Simple to understand without any “Stretching” the Subject just to so Superiority. We can Feel it is Straight from heart.Very Much APPRECIATE it.

    Also please note that in your VIDEO of Clitoral Stimulation, that model is inserting her FIRST Finger in to Vagina. Well 1st finger is much less SENCITIVE compare to 2nd and 3rd fingers whch are also a bit Lengthy. Her motion does not seem that much Gentle. She should know that she is Teaching people to Stimulate one of theMOST HIGHLY SENSITIVE Organ of Female Body, Next to G Spot. Perhaps a Non Professional or some one like You would have done it Better.

    But Any way Thank and Regards.


  17. Thank you Isabella for your advice and tips. I plan to use them to the fullest so I can become an amazing lover. This article on the G-Spot is very inciteful. When you think about all these things arent that difficult (at times lol). Sex is fun and should be an orgasmic experience for her. Thank you again. Your devoted student Lee.

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  19. Thank you Isabella for your advice and tips. This article on the G-Spot is very informative. Thanks Thank you again. Keep me informed with the latest development in for happy and sucessful sexual life .Thanks

  20. I have been lucky enough to have had a total success in all departments and never eperienced rejection,.. completely the opposite. BUT
    I cannot find a way to bring sensitivity to my wifes G spot and she will not even accept the many approaches I have made to find it/ Verbal Fantasies bring many climaes but I know thatthere are many greater climaxes possible. What do I do now.

  21. hi, sweety.

    That was really easy to learn. I will do it tonight with my partner.
    Oh, that makes it funny to watch her in great pleasure. It is easy to locate the pleasure centre now. Keep sending more tips.

  22. Hi dear, it’ nice to know the G spot does lead to wonderful orgasm to women. I have also stimulated the G spot of my love and she needs at the end of it a deep penetration also and the clitorial stimulation too which is difficult to perform all at once. Obviously, I ejaculate due to the excitement of this combinations. Then, after my climax, continue with the fingering to get her achieve orgasm almost every time. In this, I feel that I have lost my enjoyment, due to PME. My penetration lasts 3-5 minutes only after the long foreplay and G spot stimulation. Any suggestions to hold ejaculation longer.

  23. I luv what u jux show us n am goin to put in use n i knw she wil start chasing after me.

  24. Thanks for all the helpful tips and I am wondering if the licking of the it matter and if so how do I do it

  25. I’ve been using this technique on my woman for many years now. I take my time and gentle is the key. Just a soft touch produces the most muscle quivering, orgasm that leaves her breathless. It is my proudest moment. To simulate her Gspot, penetrate her and stimulate her clit at the samr time, I find doggy style to afford the best angles for achieving this. Stradling her from behind with your manhood inserted into her vagina, you can pound the Gspot. Reaching around with your arm, you can stimulate her clit with your finger. This will give her not only a clitoral orgasm, but a Gspot oragasm as well. which leaves her totally spent. Oh! What a night!

  26. Isabella, i must say right now that i love you so much! Really i can’t say how grateful i am . I’ve always wanted to know how to pleasure a woman in the most unimaginable way possible. And you are really helping me with that. I’m most thankful for you giving all this information for free. Many other sources would require payment and all that. So thank you very much! . Love you!!! Keep up the good Work!

  27. Hi,
    For the very first time you made a whole lot of sense to me with your self-explanatory presentation with pictorial details.In fact more grease to your elbow.

    Kindest Regards,

  28. I am 68 and my wife is 62. Currently I am working away from home so when we get together it is “honeymoon.” Following your advice I massaged my wife slowly and she was surprised when she erupted with an ejaculation that she never had before we married (we have been married before). I kept it up until she had two more heavy ejaculation episodes at which time she told me to take her. First time she commanded me to do that with such desire in her voice that I was over the moon. Afterward we lay there and she told me that was the first time she had ever experienced that feeling. She is a trained midwife…go figure.

  29. Hi Isabella,

    thanks for the knowledge you ve just given me I had not known where the G spot was. I will forward this information to my guy so that he can use it for our enjoyment. Keep up! We need more of your trainings

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    Thank you very much for all the articles that you’ve been sendind us and am sure they’ll go a long way in helping us who didn’t have not even a single clue about the G-spot for instance. Please do not give up continue with the good work. I’ll always read whatever you send and I’ll support your work.

  31. Isabella,
    Thank you, you are so sweet and kind to teach all this. You’re the best.
    Regards, John

  32. Thanks so much for your practical teachings. My wife these days enjoys more and demands more after being equipped with your techniques

  33. All your articles/advices are very useful.
    I believe you are contributing very much to the sexual life of your readers/members.
    Thank you

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  36. fantastic and true. steady, ready and go should be the process which is most enjoyable. The partner is yours, the time should be yours, then why hurry or worry. enjoy the process and make it pleasurable for your partner to crave for more. start slow and see the speed with which she wants you to go fast after proper g spot stimulation.,
    remember if you don’t care, she won’t share – the ecstasy and
    to be really really being satisfied if both can strike it together then you are in heaven, experience it and write to me how you felt.

  37. This technique works for making a woman absolutely crazy and having orgasms off the wall.
    it also seems to work for squirting, unles I happen to be doing two great things at once.


  38. This Is Some Of D Best Information I Ever Got It’s Works Like Magic Thanks A Million Guys

  39. Its very good that you are offering these techniques it’s just that more men need to study their partner and spend lots of time knowing where to touch her and how to do it so they both can have the most incredible sex life.

  40. I just wanted to offer my gratitude for the information you are offering us guys to understanding the ins and outs with women! I am 56 years old (although I feel 30) and have decided ( with the use of this modern wonderful internet) to learn all I can about everything I like doing in life, and I do believe that the most important of all these things… good sex for both partners!
    Thankyou Isabella !!! XXX

  41. Isabella,

    Your details about finding her go spot and then playing around with it to make it so that a woman and I would enjoy my giving her some sexual pleasure does interest me very much. Please let me point out a few facts and I would really love some mare advice from you. Please let me know how much a beauteous, sexy female would be interested in getting sexually involved with a 38 year old man who lives without a driver’s license, without a job, and Epilepsy. Please let me know.

  42. Thanks a lot Isabel this is top info. I`m interested in what I can find about the gspot. Thumbs up to u Isabel

  43. Isabel… additional necessary step when planning to go for the two finger G-spot. That is to be sure to not only trim your fingernails….but to actually round them off with emory board as not to scratch or irritate the area.

  44. Great information and thank you the visual presentation does the job for me now my gf will feel my wrath of pleasure !

  45. Dear Isa Darling,
    Love you my sexy teacher, i love all the skills you are teaching me almost every day, all are incredible and valuable and important for sexual future, love you my sexy baby,

    Hot kisses

  46. I learned about this technique quite a few years ago and it works wonderfully. I am 78 years old and still enjoy a great sex life with my very sexy 72 year old girl friend. Thanks for showing this to guys that don’t know about it.
    Pete W.

  47. thanks for all the great info I really enjoy the free stuff as right now I can’t afford to buy the course maybe soon!! I have learned a lot about the woman that I wish I had known a long time ago your the best

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