You may or not have heard that Enzyte Creator Steve Warshak is sitting in Federal Prison doing 25 Years!

In fact, here is his prison contact information:

Steven Warshak Inmate Number 04431-061
gets out in Sept 2030
P.O. BOX 6000

But what exactly did he do that for him in such trouble?

Since 2001 Enzyte was advertising their “penis enhancement” pills in the backs of magazines, until they made enough money to start those god awful TV commercials back in 2004.

Then by 2005 they estimated earning close to $250 MILLION a year on a product that is total BULLSHIT!

The company has duped millions of men using a fake study, fake doctors, false advertising, sleazy billing practices, and fraudulent telephone sales.

But let’s back up a moment and see how it all went down:

Enzyte is the brain child of Steve Warshak, a 38 year old marketer from Cincinnati,Ohio. Warshak started selling Enzyte in 2001 under the company name Lifekey, (which later changed to Lifekey Healthcare and then eventually to Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals.)

Enzyte was launched in 2001 on the fraudulent claims that they had conducted a study which showed that men who took Enzyte and followed their specific program would see “substantial growth” in both the length and girth of their penis and that they could expect it to grow upwards of 41% during their 8 month program.

So they claimed you could almost double the size of your penis in only eight months… Sounds too good to be true right? (That’s because it was)

The company which was called Lifekey at the time claimed that “Enzyte was developed by Dr. Fredrick Thomkins, a physician with a biology degree from Stanford and Dr. Michael Moore, a leading urologist from Harvard.” Neither one of these doctors are real people. They are totally fake. Representatives from both Stanford and Harvard have no record of either one of the men. They were simply made up and the ad of course was classic fraud 101.

Enzyte ads featured results from what appeared to be a clinical study in their ads. So what is the Enzyte Study which, along with the fake doctors and fake penis growth claims was the basis for all of initial sales of Enzyte?

The ads which were two-full pages in dozens of magazines from Maxim, FHM, Men’s Health and even in Forbes and even Business. It was essentially a survey supposed conducted by Mr. Warshak of 100 men who were taking Enzyte. They allegedly filled out or answered a five question survey, over the phone and through the mail, that allegedly showed that these men saw their erections get bigger by up to 31% with the average man recording a 24% increase.

The study was NOT done by an independent 3rd party.

It was NOT conducted by a doctor.

There were NO placebos tested against Enzyte.

It was NOT reviewed by any peers or medical professions before it made its way into Mr. Warshak’s headlines of his advertisements.

We are to believe that 100 men got an erection, took out a tape measure and then measured the size of their erection. They then ordered Enzyte followed the 8 month program, then once again got out their tape measure and measured their new Enzyte-fortified erection and over 90% of them jotted down measurements that showed an average erection size increase of 24%? If you believe this then let me tell you about a nice little bridge I have for sale in Brooklyn…

Well don’t worry, things are about to get good!

Well, after enough customers claimed that they followed the Enzyte plan exactly as instructed, an saw NO results over 50 agents from the FBI, DEA, Police and other agencies performed a MASSIVE raid at the enzyme office, arrested Steve Warshak and filed an 18 page indictment.

In fact, here is a link to the indictment: enzyteindictment

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…


Magic “Big Dick Pills” do not work, and never have…

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Isabella Stone


  1. While I appreciate the information and that you are informing men that you can’t take a magic pill to enlarge your dick, I am a little confused about why a story that is so old is being used as an example; why not a more recent story (I am sure there are companies out there still claiming their product will enlarge your penis).

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