Massage Trick 1: Getting her shirt off

Massage Trick 2: Chair Massage You Can Do Anywhere

Massage Trick 3: Hot towel foot massage lesson the will Impress the pants off her.

If you like these massage techniques, you should check out Trace’s full program:
Massage Your Date


  1. Just came to the site to watch the first video. The presenter’s video has no vocals, just static. The sound is fine in that I’m able to hear the introductory music but can’t hear the presenter speak.

    I don’t read lips.

  2. Video two has no sound at all.

    Video three is like video one. The introductory music plays but the presenter cannot be heard.

  3. I could feel my own body relaxing and really enjoying the techniques you showed us. Can’t wait till my girlfriend comes over this weekend to apply this to her. Thanks so much.

  4. @Daniel – My friend and i can both her the videos just fine on our computers. Maybe your volume is turned down?

    @Ted – I’m glad you liked the videos. Since you have a few days before you see your girlfriend, this is a perfect opportunity to practice, and get it perfect for her =)

  5. Great information. I will put this training to work and let you know how it goes. I appreciated your knowledge and skill.

  6. These videos were informative and done in good taste. I use massage myself on the ladies
    but on the foot massages I use reflexology which really makes the woman’s feet feel wonderful.
    Of course, this is more involved and takes a certain amount of training to do correctly. Thanks for the videos.

  7. Are we supposed to be impressed with this guy? The noob is doing this in his apartment with his girlfriend. He can’t even talk correctly. Is he training guys to be professional massage therapists? I saw nothing that would “get us to that point”, no rapport or trust building, no witty conversation, no techniques (except massage)… This is for when you already have trust built with a girl and have her back at your place–so it’s almost already in the bag.

    Why are you endorsing this chubby dork?

  8. What a wonderful idea to use massage to approach dating from a giving, rather than a taking, frame.

  9. I really agree with what Jonathan said, I think that this massage approach is a very fresh and interesting idea ..I’m pretty sure not many women have been massaged in the way Trace is showing us and would actually enjoy this pampered feeling very much. I feel Trace’s message about giving first in order to receive is something that is very important when it comes to making connections.

  10. Awesome videos – there’s so much clutter out there in this niche that it’s hard to get quality free content… But with these free videos from Trace I can practically keep my date busy for days πŸ™‚

    Keep it up dudes

  11. Trace really knows what he is talking about here, and the first key to seduction is making them feel comfortable. What a great technique here!


  12. Trace’s massage your date product has been the saviour to my sex life. I can’t believe the number of times I was trying to get a girl in bed using my old (non existent) moves when all it takes is knowing how to massage your date.

    Thank you trace!

  13. Honestly, this is the kind of stuff that doesn’t come across as cheesy or sleazy for you gentleman out there. It’s really sound advice actually!

  14. I liked the everything bout the video and sound was great 2 have used this b4 in my life and I also enjoyed along with Partner very enjoyable!

  15. Seems so simple but I forget cuz I get nervous sometimes. Im totally gonna try these moves. Thanks trace. that your real name? Cool if it is!?

  16. Wow, great ideas in these videos. Would have never thought how you could turn this in to an easy to do idea. Would love to see more like this!

  17. Just used techniques from the chair massage video last night and made things soo much easier with the girl I had over. Awesome stuff!

  18. I like your massages techniques. I would use it to my partner tonight…Please show me a erotic massage…

  19. Dude, you reminded me of the benefits of massage school. Seduction! I will definitely utilize the techniques. The hot towel alone gave me some GREAT ideas.

  20. It is great and fantastic.I cuuld not believe that A simple CHAIR makes such a big differnce and can multiply the pleasure upto such an extent.Oh…………

  21. Trace;
    I already do most of this, especially the foot massage for my girlfriend. The hot towel technique is new to me though, and I will be using that with her very soon. I find that massaging my girlfriend really REALLY relaxes her, and makes it possible for her to have amazing orgasm’s afterward if we get into anything sexual. I dont know where I came up with the massage idea, as your program is the first thing I’ve actually seen as far as training goes, but much of my moves are similar to what you showed in your demo’s. I do have a few advanced techniques I use, but they are probably already covered in your program as well. Think I will be getting a copy of this, as its always good to learn a few new moves, and I know from personal experience that the massaging really works for my woman.
    Keep up the good work buddy – more guys should learn how to relax their girlfriends, the benefits are definately worth the effort.


  22. Hey Sean, Thanks for that comment …let me know how the hot towel technique works out for you.
    It’s one of those things that can add a lot of value to your massages. You can also use the hot towel technique for other parts of the body such as the back, and hands. Just make sure you re-heat them if you decide to use them on other body parts.

    Trace Loft

  23. Somehow I missed the part where the chick’s pants came off…

    The foot massage looks like it really feels good.

    She didn’t even thank you for any of the massages.

  24. Very good info. It go’s along with “GIVING” a girl a plesuable experience without expecting something in return. Much like an orgasm. You’re shareing a fun exiting experience with her, with the mindset of giving her an orgasm.

  25. Great product. Very useful. I learned a lot of awesome techniques. It’s a must have product.

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