The idea of using your cell phone to have a little naughty fun has always been a major turn on to me. Sure you can just send dirty pictures, but women are much more turned on by what you’re able to make us imagine, than what we can see.

This is why most women are so turned on by sexy text message conversations. You have the ability to drive us wild with just a few button presses, but it’s still discrete enough that nobody will ever find out.

But most people are pretty shy when it comes to initiating a sexting chat. And it’s completely normal. It’s sometimes difficult to find a way to make the conversation naturally turn to sex. So that’s why I want to share with you a number of my favorite games, you can use right now to start having sexier chats with any woman (who’s number you have of course). And there’s a good chance she’s not just going to want to end without getting to sample the real thing : )

Game 1: Would You Rather…? This is a great game to start out with because it’s very “safe” and easy to turn sexual. You basically begin with simple questions such as “Would you rather go to a move, or a comedy club on a date?”

After a few easy questions like that, you can get a bit more intimate such as “Would you rather the man take control in bed, or would you rather be in control?”

Game 2: Truth Or Dare. This has always been one of the naughtiest games you can play in public. But it’s when you’re somewhere private that things really begin to get fun. That’s why it’s a good idea to wait until late at night to initiate this game.

You can text each other Truth’s very easily. But when it comes to the dares, you should suggest sending pictures to each other as proof. You might be surprised how open to sending some revealing photos are when they are having a little naughty fun with you.

Game 3: Dirty Confessions. This game is pretty simple, but very hot. Basically you take turns revealing sexy things you’ve done in the past or would like to do. Start off pretty clean because you don’t want to blow your load right away, and run out of your best stories in the first five minutes. Then feel free to turn up the heat by asking for explicit details on stories your girl is telling you.

Okay, that’s about all for today. Your homework assignment is to pick up your phone and text a girl you are interested in with one of these three games. After you’ve had some time to try them out, come back here and let me know your results.

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  1. I can relate to what you’re saying…..I just recently told my friend I think about her when I masturbate…..well, she demanded to know more details and this led the 2 of us to push the Erotic envelope to limits we had as yet not explored…..A simple comment has led us to some Good Times.

  2. Question: Conventional wisdom says call the night after you sleep with a woman. So I called yesterday and she’s just not very good at returning calls/texts. She is happy to see me, three dates in 3 weeks and we slept together the second and third (wink wink) date. I’ve gotten her to talk dirty though she was VERY shy about it at first and she loves it now. So it’s not that I’m bad in bed(thanks in part to you:). So… should a guy, in this day and age, call the day after?

  3. I enjoy the article on sexting. Please provide more of these articles. It would be cool if you created a program on sending sexting and flirtatious messages.

  4. u have initiated a very close to the heart topic. everybody wants to fantasize sexual may not b as good in the bed as one can be in fantasies.your suggestions are really very productive and useful and are sure to succeed.

  5. thanks for the games i definitely will play these games. and i definitely want more training from You, thanks.

  6. hi Isabella this is nice & cool i think every man should have to try this if he wants to be a good unforgettable lover all the time
    but it lacks a little bit details for the beginners

  7. I have tried to get my wife of 6 years to share her sexual fantasies with me but she’s very reluctant to do so. It’s even worse than that because she does not like to talk about our relationship as husband and wife which I believe would make our relationship more open and more intimate with each other on many levels if we could discuss our likes and ” not likes” and agree on some common goals and expectations. I have to guess what I could do that would please her and make her happy (with me) since she doesn’t want to talk about anything like that. She says she is a very private person and doesn’t say anything to her girlfriends who talk about their relationships all the time. I’m not that private a person and think we would be happier if we would be more open. I hope some of the other information presented on various programs offered would help me get her to open up and be more revealing. She does text a lot so she might respond positively to some mild sexual texts as a way to begin a dialog that would strengthen and enrich our relationship. I hope.

  8. Would like to get more details. My partner is extremely shy about discussing sexual fantasies and desires and if you can help me put her at ease it would definitely improve our sex life.

  9. good games to play, but………..I want more (text games I mean). also, any other naughty games to play. thanks for these & future ones.

  10. TIM…… The answer to you question,YES you should call the day after,how do you think she would feel if you ignored her,From a women ,i would feel hurt and used if i didnt get a call or at least a txt from the person i slept with ,,,,so call her ok xx,


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