“Nobody knows what to do. You just close your eyes, you hope for the best. I really think they’re happy if you just make an effort.” – Jerry Seinfeld

As much as I like Seinfeld and his tidbits of urban philosophy, I don’t think that’s a lesson worth teaching men out there. You don’t just close your eyes and hope for the best when you get down on your woman. I mean, come on, you’re better than that!

Sure, your girlfriend will appreciate that you made the effort, but once you get on that path, why do it superficially, when with just a few tweaks and tricks you can achieve perfection? Especially since I’m here to make sure you became the oral sex guru she’s always dreamed of.

First and foremost, if you fully enjoy the experience without losing anything in the process, not only will you grant her the much desire oh! moment, you’ll also take a few steps forward in your relationship, because the degree of intimacy between you two is definitely going to be much higher after this.

Do you think it’s all too good to be true? Follow my steps, touch her where and how I advise you to, and you’ll be instantly awarded with the much desired award of greatest provider of delight.

Don’t get right to the main course! Work your way… down.

If you don’t give her enough time to get wet, your kisses won’t be at all pleasurable. In order to achieve that, you have to make sure she’s aroused. Gently lick her breasts, neck and belly, making sure you also use your hands. When you feel her body starts to tremble, touch her down there with your fingers, to see if the coast is clear… and wet!

When nature isn’t all that giving…

If your partner is having troubles getting wet, use lubricant to smooth things up. Make it even more pleasurable by trying out different kinds of flavored lubes, but make sure to ask her a few days after if she liked it, because some flavored lubes use so much sugar in them for flavoring that it can affect the delicate balance of her nether regions negatively (meaning: they can give her an yeast infection).

Leave the clitoris alone… at first.

Start with the area around it, stimulating the vulva. If you aim directly for the clit, which is the most sensitive part of her body, you risk her finishing off too early, which can also be a bit unsatisfactory. Once you feel her vagina pulsating under your lips, touch the clitoris with the tip of your tongue, pressing it gently. Tease her by taking your attention away from it for a minute, then go back and circle the area with smooth movements. Don’t expect it to be like a magic button that secures the orgasm when touched, the clitoris is more like a complex network of interconnected circuits, all waiting to be stroked and explored properly for the ultimate satisfaction.

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Double the pleasure

By inserting your fingers into her vagina, you’re making sure that she receives double stimulation. However, before doing that, make sure your manicure is ready for the job. Take a moment to file and trim your nails, ensuring that any hangnails are removed completely. If you’ve recently cut your hand (even a paper cut) clean it, cover it, and then wear a finger cot to ensure safety for the both of you.

Danger zone! Groping is a definite no-no

When you go too fast, too hard, too deep, the result is not going to be satisfactory. There was this guy I once knew that, when going down on me, always used this Robocop moves that left me almost frightened, not to mention orgasm-less. Use sweet and slow kisses and caresses, to build up pleasure, and let her direct the rhythm and speed. Ask her what moves she likes best and what she wants you to do next. You’ll be surprised how open women can be when their orgasm is on the line… and they can almost feel it. Also, pay attention to her breathing, to see where she’s at sexually. Breathing deeply and relaxed? She’s ready for you to up the ante with something new. If she starts panting though, she’s found the pre-orgasm phase, and she’s ready to climax. Some women will also clench other parts of their body the closer they get (teeth, fingers, toes, legs) or make really weird faces.

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone

P.S. Remember that turning a woman on is just as much about the body as it is about the mind. Stimulate both for total success.

To watch a SENSUAL VIDEO about mastering the art of female oral sex, go to:


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