Do you know how often an average adult has sex each year? What about the average age people lose their virginity? Or even the average number of times per day that women think about sex? Well, thanks to this great report I dug up, we are going to look at all of these facts and plenty more.



  1. Some of these results are pretty interesting. Not too surprising, but I guess I’m kind of jaded.

    Thanks anyway,


  2. In response to “the average adult has sex 103 times years”…
    I’m well above that average but judging by most of my friends (both married, in committed relationships, and single), that average seems high. I mean… seriously… I have friends (married, single, etc) who consider themselves LUCKY if they have sex once every month or TWO. (which just… makes me incredibly sad for them, but anyway..)

    So I’m wondering here… (other people who just read this article / report)… what do you think? does 103 times a year seem accurate to you based on your own experience and what you know about other people’s sex lives?

    Maybe porn stars just skew the average?

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