When I say ‘kama sutra’, you say ‘sex’!

Sex positions are what you think about when someone mentions the ‘kama sutra’. You may think that the sex positions in the kama sutra are weird, wonderful, and practically impossible.
And yes whilst some sex positions in the kama sutra require you to be a yoga enthusiast to pull them off; you’ve probably already tried some other positions (minus the fancy ancient Indian moniker).

I’m going to tell you a few of my favourite sex positions from the kama sutra that you can try tomorrow, rather than when you get drunk and gymnastic.

The kama sutra has a couple of positions that are just variations on the manoeuvres you try every week. Add the kama sutra twist though, for a new take on an old favourite position.

The Indrani sex position is essentially a missionary position, but the man is sitting back on his knees when he enters the woman, rather than lying down. So if you’re a woman, you can lay back and relax whilst your man tries to thrust from this ‘new’ position.

Another kama sutra swing on the missionary is called Splitting Bamboo- you do this every time you lift one of a woman’s legs up during sex in the missionary position. Totally easy and now you know what to call it.

For girls there are other kama sutra sex positions that you probably try all the time.

What we would call the Reverse Cowgirl position is named the Tigress position in the kama sutra. If you’re not a girl that goes on top then you should try this position to get extra stimulation… and some kama sutra points too. Personally, I’d also rather be called a tigress than a cowgirl too.

For guys, there are plenty of other kama sutra positions that require your woman to do the hard yoga bit: whilst you enjoy the kama pleasure.

The Clasping Position has a woman role reversing on the missionary position. In this kama sutra position the woman goes on top then swings her legs back straight between the man’s open legs. Cue you lying back and enjoying the sex position, whilst she literally does all the leg work.

If you’ve got a flexible girlfriend then you can also try the Lotus Position. If you’re not sure how this works in yoga, have a google and then combine this cross legged seating position with the Wide Open kama sutra position for some stylised penetration.

The kama sutra also has oral sex positions like the Congress of the crow- a sweet little side by side version of the 69 position- if you and your partner want to split the hard work. Just remember not to concentrate too hard in  giving this position, so that you can’t enjoy what you’re about to receive.

And if you are in a giving mood?

Try one of the kama sutra’s sex positions that require you to put a lot of effort into pleasing your partner. If you want a ‘rock star’ style sex position from the kama sutra that will blow her mind then try the Pair of Tongs. All it requires is that you hold her in a side on superman position as you enter her at an angle.

If you want a sex position that doubles as an upper body workout, or if your girlfriend happens to be on the Moscow ballet team, try this. If not forget it for now, check out the easily accessible sex positions that the kama sutra can offer you.

During sex hit your girlfriend with a few simple kama sutra variations on your regular missionary position. Then tell her post sex that you happen to have worked through half of the kama sutra…and that now it’s her turn!

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone



  1. Very interesting,one big snag.I was widowed 13mts ago so now I am single with no hope of finding another lady.I have had a deep desire to crossdress,now that I am single I can fullfill my wishes.I am also considering a gender change and am trying to find out what exactly it feels like to have a pair of breasts.At the moment I am taking herbs to grow my own,surgery is out of the question.Take care,Chris.

  2. hi
    your documentory is very good i like it
    it will be more illustrated if you explain it with the pictures

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