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“Why can’t you get ATTRACTION from women?”

Every now and again, I get a guy come to me who is social, pretty confident and pretty much “gets it”.

But there’s one thing he simply cannot make happen yet..

He can’t get attraction.

Girls are comfortable talking with him, he has a lot of friends that are girls but none of them like him “that way”.

He knows this because when he tries to make a move they tell him they’re flattered but they just don’t feel that way about him.

Has this ever happened to you?

For these guys, their burning question is always the same..

“What am I doing wrong? Why does this keep happening to me?”

And the answer is simple.

Why can’t you get attraction? 

Because you’re not yet ATTRACTIVE. And chill your spout homeslice, I’m not talking about looks or money or whatever. I mean, you are not an attractive guy YET – you don’t demonstrate the behaviors of a guy that’s just universally attractive.

What might those behaviors include?

Non-neediness, indifference, aggressiveness, boldness, playfulness, strong eye contact, relaxed body language, strong frame of reality and so on.

But since we’re talking about specifics here in this article, I want to just focus on the most common issue for these types of guys preventing their female friends from feeling that way and what to do to fix it.

By far, the most common problem I see here is these guys are simply giving away too much, too soon.

They too eager for her, too attentive to her, too validating for her, too into the whole interaction, and all of it….way too early.

Women HATE it when guys act this way towards them too early..

What’s this behavior look like to an outsider? 

Their body language leans in, their vocal tonality is looking for connection and their words are safe and invulnerable. They think they’re being social by agreeing with her. They ask and talk about things they’re not really interested in because they think that’ll keep the conversation going with her, like you really care about which reality TV show she watches or what happened on the walk today with her dog. Sure, I can see it MAYBE being a viable conversational subject if you’ve been seeing her for 6 months but if you just met….do you actually give a f*ck?

The solution is easy and a quick fix.

Stop investing so much in something that you don’t know is worth investing in.

Lean back, let go of the outcome and entertain yourself in the process.

Tease her a little, break a little rapport, talk a little shit, have fun with it. 

Let her earn your full attention, let her earn your genuine interest. Do not just give it to her. 

Things that are easily earned are valued at zero, things that we must work to earn are VALUABLE. 

And while value doesn’t just equal attraction, they’re close.

If this article sound like it was about you, give this change a shot and let me know how different the responses you start to get are.

I’m out.

This article was written by America’s #1 Honest Dating Coach, Jason Capital.

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  1. Did the diennr and Did the diennr and the movie for first date when I was 16. I always try to do different things for a first date. If only I could get one. I was going to take a girl to a comedy club last week but she decided not to go out with me at the last second. Only went on a few dates in high school all of them to dances. I got wrong numbers and stood up through college never had a girl friend till I was 24 and that only lasted a few months. I’m 30 now and have not been on a date in 4 years. ???????? Was this answer helpful?

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