Hey there,

I wanted to keep this blog post nice and simple…

This is going to be a collection of some of the sexiest songs we can think of.

Please feel free to add more in the comments… I really want this list to get as long as possible, so we can all have a killer playlist ready when it’s time to get down and dirty.

These songs are all great to listen to on their own, but when things are getting heated they are amazing for setting the mood.

Okay, here’s a few of my personal favorites (in no particular order):

Jazz (We’ve Got) – Tribe Called Quest

Brand New Angel – Gov’t Mule

Sympathy For The Devil – Guns ‘N Roses

Little Wonder – David Bowie

Since I’ve Been Loving You – Led Zeppelin (live version)

Boom Boom – Leslie West

The Man Who Sold The World – Nirvana

Big Poppa – Notorious B.I.G.

Where The River Goes – Stone Temple Pilots

Riders On The Storm – The Doors

Fall To Pieces – Velvet Revolver

I could go on naming a million more, but I wanted to give you a chance to tell me some of your favorites…

Also, if you haven’t heard some of these yet, you should check them out on iTunes or Amazon. Maybe you’ll find something you really like!

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone


  1. Gee sorry to hear of being bored. I like these songs. They’re a little softer than whats listed but no one but her & I and the dog & maybe the cat…. Boy oh boy that cat…. These are nice songs 2 smile over a glass of wine and tell her how beautiful and a great woman she is.
    Artist Song
    Katie Melua Just Like Heaven

    Linda Ronstadt Long Long Time

    Ray Lamontagne Hold You In My Arms

    Darden Smith $2 Novels

    Good luck with the J Duty. I hope this helps as you close your eyes & try to relax.

  2. I like these songs. They’re a little softer than whats listed but no one but her & I and the dog & maybe the cat…. Boy oh boy that cat…. These are nice songs 2 smile over a glass of wine and tell her how beautiful and a great woman she is.
    Artist Song
    Katie Melua Just Like Heaven

    Linda Ronstadt Long Long Time

    Ray Lamontagne Hold You In My Arms

    Darden Smith $2 Novels

    Good luck with the J Duty. I hope this helps as you close your eyes & try to relax.

  3. Leave Your Hat On–Joe Cocker (great scene in 9 1/2 Weeks btw!)
    Moondance-Van “The Man” Morrison
    Groovin’ In The Midnight-Maxi Priest
    Wicked Game-Chris Isaak
    Black Velvet- Alannah Myles
    Hurry make Love-Alannah Myles
    Fumbling Towards Ecstasy-Sarah McLachlan
    In Your Eyes-Peter Gabriel
    These are more of the slower songs, then:
    Fallin’-Alicia Keys
    Sexy Noises Turn Me On-Salt-N-Pepa
    Doin’ It-LLCoolJ
    Throb-Janet Jackson
    Boob Boom-Live-Big Head Todd & The Monsters
    The Thrill Is Gone-BB King
    Peach Tree-The Kingsnakes (defunct Syracuse blues band)
    Shakin’-Eddie Money
    Anything by Prince-lol
    Singing Winds, Crying Beasts/BlackMagic Woman-Santana
    Scar Tissue-Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Everything-Buck Cherry
    Dirty Talk-Wynter Gordon
    Any Bob Marley!

    Man I could keep going! Great topic!

  4. Think Of Me With Kindness – Gentle Giant

    Your Own Special Way – Genesis

    Tuesday Afternoon – Neal Morse (stellar remake)

    Safety In Numbers – Crack The Sky

    Let’s Get It On – Marvin Gaye

    Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled – Ambrosia

    Mr. Sandman – The Chordettes

    Coloured Rain – Traffic

  5. peaches-fuck the pain away
    ginuwine- pony
    garbage- queer
    kylie minogue- breathe
    lovage- music to make love to your old lady
    luomo- love you all
    luomo- shelter
    luomo- synkro
    luomo- the present lover
    monifah-touch it
    nine inch nails- closer
    no doubt- hella good
    plies- ms pretty pussy
    portishead- only you
    portishead- roads

  6. I’ll mail you when I get back, because this requires some thought. There are so many good songs. I was in a band called Woodrose & we wrote a song called our world & Waylon Jennings wanted to do it but our writer wouldn’t let him. Alan

  7. Hmmm…

    Okay, this is a question that definitely requires some thought. I actually have a little slam section written out on this somewhere, and I’ll see if i can find it to post later, but for right now, let me give just some basic input.

    Now, we can break these into categories, here:

    1] ‘Slow and Sensual’ sexy songs; good for dancing, hot and close, or passionate loving with a little freakiness between the sheets

    2] ‘Emotional Evocative’ love tunes; no real need for anything other than being together. Clothes optional, but not in NEED of removal. Good for slow, bonding loving.

    3] ‘Fuck Me Senseless’ selections. Self described.

    I’m sure everyone will agree, these are all different moods for doing the deed, but they all require a different beat/rhythm/tempo/pace/quality/TYPE of music. I mean, obviously Boys II Men’s “I’ll Make Love to You” was made for emotional expression and sharing, while Usher’s “Nice N Slow” is crafted to seduce while on the dance floor. And even though it’s DAMN good for ‘putting down a dirty dicking’, you are NOT gonna ‘make love’ to Prince’s “Pussy Control” ;-D.

    So, here’s a quick list of some of the music i can think of, off hand. I’ll come back with more later. I’ll let you guys categorize each tune for yourself [LOL]:

    Joe—“One Life Stand” (1)

    Mystikal feat. Pharrell —- “Shake Ya Ass” [3]

    LL Cool J —- “Doin it” (Oh, hell YES this is a [3])

    Michael Bolton — “Best of Love” [2]

    112 ft. Ludacris —“Hot & Wet” [3]

    Dru Hill — “How Deep Is Your Love” [1]

    Sisqo —- “Thong Song” [3]

    Changing Faces ft. Jay-Z & R. Kelly —- “All Of My Days” [Now, this could be 1, or 2, depending]

    Silk —- “Freak Me” [Solid, SOLID 3]

    Ricky Martin —- “Private Emotion” [2]

    Brian Mcknight —- “Crazy Love” [2]

    The Theme song from ‘Angel’ —- “The Sanctuary” (Darling Violetta) [Full-on 3]

    U2 —-“With or Without You” [1 or 2, depending on mood]

    Ini Kamoze —- “Here Comes the Hotstepper” [Ever try 3-ing to this????]

    LL Cool J —- “Doin’ It” ( Dirty version) [As if the CLEAN wasn’t a 3!!!!!]

    Phil Collins —- “In The Air Tonight” (1)

    JUDAS PRIEST—- “Some Heads Are Gonna Roll”- [don’t ask me why, but VERY doable in 3]

    Foxy Brown Feat. Jay-Z —- I”‘ll Be Good” [NASTY 3]

    Total —- “When Boy Meets Girl” [This is really one of them songs you can just take your pick]

    India Arie —- “Beautiful Surprise” [2. No doubt about it]

    Tamia —- “Make Tonight Beautiful” [Anybody gonna argue this is a 2?Seriously???]

    Vanessa Williams & Brian Mcknight – “Love Is” [1-2]

    Commodores —- “Nightshift” [1. the 80s had a LOT of this music]

    Michael Bolton —- “Said I Loved You…But I Lied” [2 written all over it]

    Bryan Adams —- “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” [Same as its predecessor]

    Roxette —– “Listen To Your Heart” [See above]

    Marvin Gaye —– “Let’s Get it On” [Again, one of them songs that really just runs the gamut]

    Bryan Adams —- “Run To You” [1 or 3, depending]

    Mikumi Shimokawa —- “Kimi Ni Fuku Kaze” [10r 2. Has a VERY “Game of Love” feel to it. Speaking of which….]

    Santana, and Michelle Branch —–“Game of Love” [1-2. TRY not to smile hearing this song]

    Santana & Rob Thomas— “Smooth” [1 and HOT 3]

    Billy Ocean —– “Caribbean Queen” [1. Just sexy as all F***]

    Whitesnake —— “Is This Love” [SURPRISINGLY 1 or 2. I mean, SERIOUS love Rock, boy!]

    Def Leopard —- “Pour some Sugar on Me” [You do NOT need me to grade this one]

    R. Kelly—– “My Body’s Calling” [1,3]

    R. Kelly —– “Sex Me” [1,3]

    R. Kelly —– “Feeling on Your Booty” [1,3. Beginning to see a pattern here, aren’t we?]

    Notorious B.I.G. & R. Kelly —- “I’m F****ing You Tonight” [ It has R. Kelly. See above]
    Tito & Tarantula —- “After Dark” [1 or MAJOR 3! Just watch ‘From Dusk til Dawn’ for verification]

    Maxwell—-“Fortunate” [!!!!!!!!!! And Yes, theres some 2 in here , too!]

    Maxwell —– …Til The Cops Come Knockin’ [Take your PICK]

    Janet Jackson—- “I Get So Lonely” [2. And that’s the one of the ONLY easy 2s you will hear from her, mostly]

    Janet Jackson —–“I Want You” [1…maybe 2 on a stretch]

    Janet Jackson —- “Someone to Call my Lover” [2, an actual playful 2]

    Janet Jackson—– “Feel It Boy” Feat. Beenie Man [1, or 3]

    Janet Jackson —– “All for You” [3]

    Janet Jackson —– “China Love” [3]

    Janet Jackson —– “Anytime, Anyplace” [1, 2 and 3333333333333333!]

    Janet Jackson —– “That’s The Way Love Goes” [CJ R&B or regular mix, 1,2 AND 3]

    Janet Jackson —– “Baby, would you Mind” [3. Ask NO questions. Don’t mind the slow tempo. Just LISTEN to the track]

    Almighty RSO and Faith Evans —– “You Could be My Boo” [Straight up ROUGH-NECK 3]

    Mr. Mister —– “Broken Wings” [1 or 2]

    Pat Benatar —- “Love is a Battlefield” [Hmmm…..I’ll get back to you]

    Maxi Priest ——♥ The Art Of Seduction” [See above]

    I Don’t Wanna-Aaliyah (Major 2)

    Toni Braxton —– “You’re Makin’ Me High” [I think we need to make a new group for this on :-D..]

    Aerosmith —– “Pink” [WICKED 3]

    Bloodhound Gang —– “Discovery Channel” [Serious, unabashed 3]

    Babyface —— “This Is For The Lover In You” [2]

    Mariah Carey, Joe & 98º —- “Thank God I Found You” [couldn’t get more 2]

    98º —- “I Do (Cherish You)” [I stand corrected from above :-/]

    Shanice —- “Saving Forever For You” [OLD SCHOOL 2]

    Tyrese —– “Lately” [1]

    Jon Secada & Shanice —-“If I Never Knew You” [WOW this is a 2. A DISNEY MOVIE 2]

    Jon Secada —– “Do You Believe In Us” [2]

    Marilyn Manson —–“Tainted Love” [you can have fun with 1 to this, get in glee with 3, or just have a girl STRIP to this]

    Fourplay feat. Chaka Khan—– “Between The Sheets” [I really need to grade this one?]

    Montell Jordan —— “I Can Do That” [ 1 or 3, If you don;t know, you need to ASK somebody!]

    Jodeci —– “Freek’N You” [lolololol….sorry, 3]

    Keith Sweat —– “Nobody” [Definition of 1]

    The Power Station —- “Some Like It Hot” [1 or 3]

    Keith Sweat Ft. Ron Isley —– “Come With Me” [Take your pick, people]

    Beres Hammond—— “No Disturb Sign” [See above, please!]

    Journey —– “Faithfully” [2]

    Fall Out Boy —— “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” (Oddly enough, you can 3 to this)

    Sade —- “Kiss Of Life” [1 all the way]

    Michael Bolton —– “Can I Touch You… There?” [ HAhahaha….a next new category needed]

    Horace Brown —– “Things We Do For Love” [3]

    Adina Howard —— “Freak Like Me” [ Total 3]

    TLC – Red Light Special (Dirty Version) [Scoff…..1, 2 and 3]

    Anita Baker —– “Body And Soul” [Wow….1, 2]

    Swedish House Mafia —– “Save The World” [1 or 2, surprisingly, 3 possibly]

    Sade —– “Soldier Of Love” [All damn 3]

    Goo Goo Dolls —– “Iris” [big number 2]

    Okay, we could go on here, but I think this will suffice for now. And yes, I have tested most of these out PERSONALLY to positive effect.

    Anybody else got some I might have missed? 🙂

  8. @Ray – Come on man… N one beats Pantera. Megadeath are good, but they have never come up with songs better than Cowboys From Hell or Walk…. Dime could do more with a 2 note rhythm than just about any guitarist ever.

  9. I Give by Willie Nelson and Shawn King also Willingly also by Willie Nelson and Shirley Collie

  10. Bilal/”when will you call”
    Bill withers/”use me up”
    Buddy Guy/”Fever”
    Erika bad/”back in the day”
    Deangelo/”you’re my lady” “baby let’s cruise”
    Marvin gaye/”got to give it up”
    Trey songz/”neighbors know my name”
    Tank/”sex music”
    John mayer/”slow burn”
    Sade/”moon and the sky”

    I’m a musician So yeah…lol

  11. Ed Alleyne Johnnson – Purple Electric Violin (cd) – certainly not for everybody, but confirmed to be ‘erotic’ by at least 2 women….


  12. I know he did alot of songs when he was alive. But the late great Barry White. Any song by him.

  13. Bad Company–Feel Like Makin’ Love Roberta Flack–Feel Like Making Love The Blessing–Let’s Make Love Chris Isaak–Wicked Game Pink Floyd–Great Gig In The Sky The Beatles–And I Love Her Al Green–Call Me Foreigner–I Want To Know What Love Is Frank Sinatra–Come Dance With Me Sade–Smooth Operator Bob Marley–Is This Love Journey–Open Arms Etta James–At Last The Who–Squeeze Box Heart–All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You Dean Martin–That’s Amore Steve Winwood–Hold On Sting–Fields Of Gold Norah Jones–Don’t Know Why Joe Cocker–You Can Leave Your Hat On Bob Dylan–Lay Lady Lay 0A U2–One Enigma–Mea Culpa The Righteous Brothers–Unchained Melody Peter Gabriel–In Your Eyes Van Morrison–Crazy Love Bob Seger–We’ve Got Tonight Diana Krall–‘S Wonderful Gordon Haskell–How Wonderful You Are Led Zeppelin–All My Love Barry White–Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Babe Crash Test Dummies–Keep A Lid On Things Marvin Gaye–Sexual Healing

  14. Pointer Sisters Slow Hand
    Holst The Planets (Mercury)
    Lay Lady Lay (Dylan)
    Jump (Pointer Sisters)
    Summertime (Janis Joplin)
    Rag Doll (Aerosmith)
    Any Liz Phair

  15. Call My Name–Charlotte Church

    Close to My Fire–Slackwax/Anna Leyne

    Gimme Some Lovin’–The Spencer Davis Group

    This Could Take All Night–Amanda Marshall

  16. H-Town-knocken the boots
    Robin Thicke ft. Lil Wyne- Pretty Little Heart
    Tamia- Beautiful Surprize
    R. Kelly- Feelin on yo Booty

    Need some R&B people.

  17. Well Isabella! I don’t Know how your exemples can set the mood, but it’s your tase and your feelengs. By the way! It’s a litle comercial music.
    Her’s some songs wich set my mood:

    The Herbaliser – The Sensual Woman
    JAZZAMOR – summertime
    thierry noritop and daniel finot – mohoroba
    Chris Spheeris – Eros
    Buddha Bar Ocean – Playa Blanca

  18. Jamiroquai – You give me something
    LL Cool J- I need Love
    XX – Basic Space (actually most of XX songs)
    TLC – Red Light Special, Let’s do it again, Diggin on you
    I want you now- Depeche Mode
    Twisted- Keith Sweat
    Beach House’s album ‘Teenage Dream’

  19. Revel’s “Bolero” is a classic piece of music that builds to a soft but persistent aural head. It has “worked” for years and is almost subliminal as in “YES!”

  20. Your selection is just fine but when you’re 50+, the kind of music that sets our mood:
    Prince:Adore/Sexy Motherfucker. Heatwave:Always and Forever. Taste of Honey:Sukiyaki. Earth Wind and Fire:Devotion(Live Version)/Reasons/That’s the Way of the World. Barry White:anything
    Buckcherry:Crazy Bitch.Also try the Smooth Grooves CD set, very sensual and mood setting. Finally The Best of Sade.

  21. its’ going down tonight- 112
    if i hit (remix) – 112 ft t.i. and ciara
    turn on the lights (Freestyle)= lloyd
    in those jeans- ginuwine
    anticipation- kevin cossom
    relax- kevin cossom ft snoop dogg
    ice- kelly rowland ft lil wayne
    sure thing- miguel
    get loose- t.i. ft nelly
    boom- mario

  22. After all the excitement is over chill out with Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) “Stairway to Heaven”
    KISS (Gene Simmons) ” Rock n Roll and Party All Night Long”

  23. As a truly Romantic man, with lights out and a couple scented candles burning before I put on music while gently kissing me lady, I sing softly in to lady’s ear, “Show them to me! Show them to me just release them straps and set them puppies free”! Works like a charm every time! Google Rodney Carrington you tube, show them to me!

  24. Try songs like Sweet Child of Mine – GunsNRoses, Heart of Mine – Boz Scaggs, Same ole Love (365 days of the year) – Anita Baker and Vision of Love – Mariah Carey.

  25. It depends on your musical taste, but if you are in to alternative then these are my suggestions;

    E-ville(Chicago club mix)-Combichrist (this is a favorite of Industrial strippers)
    The Movement of Fear-Tweaker (for a darker mood)
    Military Fashion Show-And One
    Kiss-London After Midnight
    Oh My Goth-Razed in Black

  26. The two most sexually tense songs I know, are…

    ‘Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)’, by Billy Idol


    ‘The Zoo’, by the Scorpions

  27. “You Sure Love to Ball” Marvin Gaye
    “Give Me Your Love” Curtis Mayfield
    “Distant Lover” Marvin Gaye
    “Sexual Healing” Marvin ”
    “Miracles” Jefferson Starship
    “Quiet Storm” Smokey Robinson
    “Rock the Cradle of Love” Billy Idol
    “Key Largo” Sarah Vaughan
    “How Do You Want It?” 2Pac

  28. Mel Waiters – lets do each other tonight
    Mel Waiters – slow roll it and also part 2
    Mel Waiters – if she lets you get it
    Mel Waiters – sex or make love
    Sir Charles Jones – Straight Fucking
    Sir Charles Jones – Sex me
    Josh Turner – Just to be your man
    Marvin Sease – Candy licker 1 & 2, and Pump my juice
    Marvin Sease – I ate you for breakfast
    Marvin Sease – sit down on it
    Denise LaSalle – Bone it like you own it
    Theodis Ealey – Stand up in it (part 1 and 2)
    Theodis Ealey – Move with the motion

  29. Marvin Gaye – sexual healing, Let get it on
    Teddy Pendergrass – close the door
    Conway Twitty – you never been this far before
    The Righteous Brother – Unchained Melody
    Adina Howard – Do you wanna ride, My up and down
    Daryl Hall – One on one
    R Kelly – Bump N*Grind
    G Unit/Joe – Ride wit U
    Chuck Strong – Rock the man in the Boat

  30. Daylight – Maroon 5
    Give Your Heart a Break – Demi Lovato
    Your Body is a Wonderland – John Mayer
    Baby I love your Way – Peter Frampton
    Where have you been – Rihanna

  31. Skin it Back – Little Feat
    Anything – Allman Brothers
    Oy ya coma va-Santana
    Blind Faith-Super group
    Fresh Cream-Cream

  32. When a Man Loves a Woman – Percy Sledge

    Unchained Melody – Righteous Brothers

    He’s Got You on His Mind – Subdudes

  33. Check out Bumpin’ on Sunset by Brian Auger & Oblivion Express. It’s old, but it’s the sexiest instrumental
    out there still.

  34. how about Escape (think Pina Colada) or ,I need you now, by Lady A, or Hold me Thrill me Kiss me by Mel Carter

  35. Also give a listen to Riviera Paradise by Stevie Ray Vaughn. Sexy instrumental, but also relaxing.

  36. How about Breakfast, from the Red Shoes Diaries?
    Midlight Bels, from the Red Shoes Diaries?

    Both are nice, sultry, heavy on the sax pieces.

  37. I used to play Def Leppard’s Hysteria album when my girlfriend and I would be alone together in my car. I’d just let the tape run while we steamed the windows up. It seemed to get us both in a sensual and passionate groove.

  38. Whitesnake – Still Of The Night
    AC/DC – Go Down (suggestive lyrics)

    Ravel’s Bolero – as suggested by Bo Drek in ’10’

  39. Quite a few: Criminal- Fiona Apple, Feels Like The First Time – Foreigner, Little Miss Dangerous – Ted Nugent, A Gallon of Gas – The Kinks, Shake – North Mississippi Allstars, A Fool For Your Stockings – ZZ Top, Emotions N Motion – Billy Squier, Hurt So Good – John Cougar, Don’t Mean Nothing – Richard Marx, Beast of Burden-Some Girls-Tops – Rolling Stones, Oo You – Paul McCartney, You Can Leave Your Hat On – Joe Cocker/Tom Jones/or Etta James version, You’re No Good-Dirty Movies-Drop Dead Legs – Van Halen, All Shook Up – Ry Cooder, Love An In Elevator-Rag Doll-Last Child – Aerosmith, Crawl – Kings of Leon, Moving In Stereo – The Cars, Bad Girl – Superfly, Slang-Pour Some Sugar on Me – Def Leppard, Lets Put The X In Sex-I Love It Loud – KISS, The Dope Show-I Don’t Like The Drugs – Maryiln Manson, Get Naked – Methods of Mayhem, Army of Me-Come to Me – Bjork, Sex(Im a …) – Berlin, Nasty Girl – Vanity 6, Lil Freak-OMG-So Many Girls – Usher, Bedroom Boom-Pull My Hair-Badd – Ying Yang Twins, Black Magic Woman – Santana, No Hay Igual – Nelly Furtado, Shine On You Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd, Turning Me On-Move Ya Body – Nina Sky, Paint a Rumour-Money Can’t Buy It – Annie Lennox, Three More Days – Ray LaMontagne, Breaking Down-Hurricane Drunk- Addicted to Love – Florence and the Machine, Rakim – Dead Can Dance, Healing Dance – Raphael, Morning Dove White album – One Dove, Passions album – Peter Gabriel, some music by Britney Spears, Nine Inch Nails, William Orbit, How To Destroy Angels, Enigma, Aka , Ak Musique, Tangerine Dream, Goldfrapp, Delirium, Candy Dulfer, Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music, Sade, Peaches, Brazilian Girls, Lords of Acid, Lovage, Jan Hammer and AC/DC.

    That’s just half of my list. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Music for whatever mood your in. Romantic, one night stand, erotic or stripper music. Knock yourself out.

  40. butterfly – herbie hancock
    it happens everyday – crusaders
    gravity – john meyer
    like a star – corrine bailey rae
    still life – michael franks
    another vote for bumpin on sunset – actually an old wes montgomery song
    satin doll – duke ellington
    cause we’ve ended as lovers (the jeff beck version)
    sleepwalk – the larry carlton version

  41. Moments In Love – Art Of Noise
    Piano In The Dark – Brenda Russell
    I’ll Be There – Escape Club
    Tender Love – Force M.D.’s
    Really Want To Know You – Gary Wright
    Say – John Mayer
    Figured You Out – Nickelback
    Crazy Love – Poco
    Sensitivity – Ralph Tresvant
    I’ll Still Be Loving You – Restless Heart
    In Time – Robbie Robb
    It Might Be You – Stephen Bishop
    L’enfant – Vangelis
    Titles – Vangelis

  42. ACDC – walk all over you
    ACDC – touch too much
    ACDC – hard as a rock
    Def Leppard – love bites
    Velvet Revolver – the last fight
    Soundgarden – loud love
    Aerosmith – sweet emotion
    Airborne – blonde bad beautiful
    Aerosmith – amazing
    Aerosmith – crazy

  43. I looked through the other submits and this one wasn’t there. One song you need on this list “Milk” by Garbage. The beat is perfect for deep thrusting. I don’t agree with a lot of the submissions. Seems like a lot of favorite songs just added as there personal favorites that you sing in the car.

  44. An Oldie? “After the loven’ by Engelburt Humperdinck – words and music Alan Bernstein and Ritchie Adams.
    Only when I sing it, I change the words from After the loven’ I’m still in love with you to After the lovin’, I’m so in love with you.. It sounds a bit corney but it does seem to get las mujers dewy eyed.

  45. Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
    Bliss N Eso – Get You Boof On
    Drapht – Lose Control
    Hilltop Hoods – Shredding The Balloon
    Illy – Tightrope
    Linkin Park – What I’ve Done
    Mantra – Got Me Wrong (Feat. Parvyn Kaur Singh)
    Mantra – Perfect Thing
    Pez – Shine
    Seth Sentry – Train Catcher
    Seth Sentry – Ten Paces

  46. Arianna Grande – Love Me Harder
    Nick Jonas (feat. Tinashe) – Jealous
    John Mayer – You’re body is a Wonderland

  47. Thanks for opening a nice topic!

    For an older generation the Great American Songbook provides an endless range of stimuli:
    I am getting sentimental over you
    Smoke rings
    Memories of youI
    I get a kick out of you
    I’ll never be the same
    They can’t take that away from me
    . to name just a few

    Not only romantic lyrics – but you can follow the tune and sing along also . . .

    All available on Youtube
    and old people have feelings too

  48. I’ve been surprised by how many girls want to listen to Metallica, “Turn The Page” and “Nothing Else Matters” when fucking, but alot of the Black Album.

  49. Let’s say Jason Alden just getting started to set the pace and then work our way to scorpions Rock you like a hurricane! Variety is the spice of life, just remember always wrap your willy silly!

  50. I think a lot has to depend on you ladies likes! Some die over Beth from kiss while others like it firmer like lick it up! Or some Night ranger Sister Christian! Maybe even hit some jerry lee Lewis when your hot your hot or ting of fire by the man in black Jonny Cash! So many choices do many ladies so much fun!

  51. Hi everyone, I don’t know if this song count as getting down and dirty but what the heck.
    Turning Page – Sleeping at Last

  52. Hard to go wrong with some Foreigner or One Republic. Foreigner “I want to Know what Love Is” and One Republic “Apologize”

    Just me, but when I want things to go as smooth as poss all round, I prefer easy flowing tunes without heavy distractions or intrusions.

    More of those would be Life House “You and Me”/The Flying Burrito Brothers/Wild Horses/Moody Blues + “Nights in White Satin”/Frampton ” Baby I Love your Way”/Kiss “Beth/ Thin Lizzy “Still in Love with You”/Warnes and Cocker “Up Where We Belong”/Bryan Adams “Let’s Make a Night to Remember/Kingdom Come “What Can I Be”/ Cinderella “Nobody’s Fool”/10CC “I’m Not In Love”/ and some extra nice flow tunes; Sam Brown “Stop”/ Rita Coolidge “We’re All Alone”/Styx “Babe”/Scorpions “Wind of Change” and “Send Me an Angel”/ and lastly Maria Mckee “Show Me Heaven.

    Went through a longggggggggg album to pick the ones that had my kind of flow, and think they aren’t too shabby. I find the music sets the tempo right from the start. Easy and smooth along with gentle finger scratching along a ladies entire body from neck down to top of feet, avoiding the heavy duty areas until you can feel you are both in sync.

    Thanks loads for that Isabella and now cold shower time as no special lady present. Hope you enjoy the selection as much as I did finding them.

  53. Turn Off The Lights – Teddy Pendergrass
    Let Me Make Love To You Baby – O’Jays
    Between The Sheets – Isley Brothers
    Giving You The best That I’ve Got – Anita Baker
    I Want You – Marvin Gaye
    Sexual Healing – Marvin Gaye
    Close The Door – Teddy Pendergrass
    Tonight I celebrate My Love For You – Roberta Flack

  54. Hello Isabella,

    There are lot of songs, which i could recommend, but just try Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Pink Floyd, and probably the whole album of Carlos Santana’s – ‘Caravanserai’.

    Best wishes,

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