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  1. she looks tasty and I would love to do things with my tongue to her to make her smile and wiggle until she squirted

  2. Isabella, I am a 60 year old guy who used to have a wonderful sex life. However I gave up sex for 15 years to make sure my kids were not uncomfortable with my being with another woman. My libido has gone and I have lost size. I quit smoking and gained weight which has probably added to the action problem. In the past 3 months I have embarked on a weight loss action and dietary supplementation therapy with many popular amino acids and testosterone raising vitamins. This may seem way out to you, but I have a beautiful 22 year old lover now who is working with me to get back into sexual shape. I guess I still have game for attraction. I do appreciate women who enjoy a good man. You are a peach Isabella.

  3. WOW..!!! Absolutely amazing..!! This is exactly what I want my wife to look like….when I find her..:)

  4. impossibly gorgeous.. with a mischievous mind….and a wicked sense of humor…and being all that… based on a est. height of 5′ 8’… then 35b-28-37 looks quite cool..
    wish I had a girlfriend 1/2 as hot as you,hon.. I’d faint every night..
    want to be on my book’s cover..??
    i need a redhead woman… and I’ll buy the damn wig..
    lol..giggle.. oh I’m such a bad gnome..

  5. Juat a wild dream … I wish I could spend at least one wekk with Lady Isabella Stone and satisfy her totally sexually six times per day in that week …

    Ahh well …

  6. My god my dream girl,beautiful and intellegent.Everything I want in a women and more,now just to find her.Maybe you’ll be able to help with that.Looking foreword to your thoughts

  7. Enticing. Sadly makes me feel my age!!!, but would be delighted to be aqainted and do the best to satisfy completely.Now woulnt that be nice.

  8. The pics have the similar shape of my daughters when they were in their teens and twenties. Given age the image of my wife of 50+years, and three children later my image of her is as it is. Not sexy but I love her and wish her conservatism had some cracks, rather than wrinkles.

    Give me some mature bodies to view. We older “studs” need to be appreciated.

  9. Isabella has a beautiful and stunning body but My goddess at home turns me on and I wouldn’t change a thing on her. She is perfect just the way she is.

  10. Isabella,your body is fab,every mans dream!
    I just love my woman,she is as I love her and would not change her!!
    I`ll have you and her,spank both lovely bottoms then kiss better!!

  11. I would love to be the sand your model is kneeling on,the pics are stunning, show some more!!!!!!!!!!

  12. hi Isabella,i’ve never seen better photos of you before!
    in fact i had tought that you are a sexy and pretty girl,but now i’m thinking that you are very,
    very hot too!
    a kiss on your bum from me!!!

  13. I am born under the sign of virgo the virgin and sex is very important to virgo men.My favorite fantasy is being a tall,handsome muscular porn star with a 10 inch dick and having sex with lots of beautifull women and women enjoying and desiring and fantazing about having sex with me and seeing me naked.

  14. Strange.. never knew what you looked like..
    Thanks for all the advice..
    I also have the porn star sex life videos..
    Great stuff..
    Oh you look great..

  15. I am secure in my ability. I just would prefer to create more opportunity. A lady friend just bought me lunch. She prefers Adonis body types, so I use her to practice my more subtle story skills without fear of rejection.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. Because of my own knowledge I do not abuse it. (wake up boys size has nothing to do with it) But then again I am no longer a boy. Therefore all I can say is enjoy the moment from moment to moment.

  17. As a Scorpio myself, I am a balance of being VERY sexually active and being very calm. I’ve had dreams of being a porn star under the stage name “Lustful Leo AKA” with tattoos and dreadlocks, being on set with 5 shoots a month and having other endorsements from other companies.
    By the way, I liked your survey. It was very easy.

  18. So… this is how you look like huh, Well… If I buy everything in your site, can I test them with you ? just to see if I’ve learn well ;P lol
    Amazing body by the way Isa.

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