There are some things that you just CAN’T do when it comes to oral sex. Because the stimulated part is so sensitive, you have to be extra careful how aggressive you are, when and where you can speed things up and how rough you’re allowed to be.

From my own experience, I’ve learned that men get carried away by their passion and desire to stimulate women and don’t realize when they are going too far. Their intentions are good though, and I always appreciate that. That’s why I made this list of common mistakes so that you get exactly where you want without any hinders or problems.

1. Play the gynecologist. Of course you’re curious to see what your girlfriend looks like very closely. Go ahead and take a good look. But don’t spread her labia so hard that it feels like she’s having her annual pelvic exam at the gynecologist. Just use your fingers to gently keep her lips apart and slowly slip your tongue inside.

2. Shake it ‘till you break it. Don’t try to imitate those awfully exaggerated oral sex techniques they do in porn movies, particularly the movement where the guy sticks his tongue right inside the vagina instead of licking, and shakes his head so hard that his ears are touching the girl’s thighs. It seems stupid even on screen and it doesn’t work in real life.

3. Blow into her vagina. Do not vacuum around her vagina with your lips and, most importantly, do not blow into it. Your girlfriend is not an inflatable doll, you know? Blowing lightly or breathing in or around her vagina might be exciting, but it is also dangerous and it can lead to serious problems.

4. Over the top watery licking. It’s good to lick, and it’s good to keep your tongue relaxed. But be careful not to become too… slobbery. Too much saliva paired with too heavy panting is not very sexy. If your cunnilingus technique reminds her of her Golden Retriever, it’s not going to be exciting for her. Just keep your cool and take small breaks to ingest the excess of saliva.

5. Heavy sucking of the clit. Sucking her like a lollipop is “college material”, but if you really want to leave your mark, do it on her neck, arms, breasts or thighs. Do not lock your mouth around her clit and suck so hard she ends up having a lesion. A strong suction of the clit can be very painful and we don’t want that, do we?

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6. Doing her after you’ve had more than your fair share of alcohol. The chances of ruining the moment are sky high if you’re drunk. In order for you to do a good job, you should be able to pay attention to the signals of pleasure she’s sending you and coordinate your moves accordingly, and if you’re drunk you certainly can’t do that. Not to mention if you grow tired or fall asleep mid-work and leave her completely unsatisfied.

7. Press and stab. Having someone push and push their pointy tongue on your clitoris and inside your vagina is very unpleasant, trust me. Doing that makes you look aggressive and unsure of your technique. My advice is that you relax your tongue and take your time. Gently caress her clitoris and let it bring the labia to you.

8. Dentures and pubic hair don’t mix. Some of you may still wear braces. If so, make sure she shaves or at least trims her pubic hair before going down on her, or you’ll end up having to solve a very… hairy and painful situation. Keep your licking and caressing at the surface and do it almost in slow motion, to make sure nothing will stand in the way of you pleasuring her.

9. Swallow in silence. It’s good to make some noise when you’re giving her cunnilingus. Moans are ok, most women like that. Even swallowing (somewhat) noisy is acceptable within certain limits, because you’re letting her know that you’re enjoying this as much as she is. Don’t overdo it though; she might not like that very much.

10. Keeping your nails too long. Unless you are a follower of the extremist “without hands” technique, even the tiniest nail brushing to help supplement your tongue can transform the whole act into a remake of Edward Scissorhands. Don’t butcher her private parts with your enthusiasm and your sharp nails. Cut them short! It’s for a good cause. And this will also give you an altruistic excuse for biting your nails.
Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Show your girlfriend this list and ask her what she thinks about it. Her answers might be just what you need!
To watch a SENSUAL VIDEO about mastering the art of female oral sex, go to:



  1. Some of these tips surprised me in terms of being common. Who knew their were guys who were motorboating vulvas and blowing air into vaginsas haha.

  2. Seriously! Who told guys it was good to go around blowing into vaginas? I’ve encountered that on more than one occasion which makes me wonder where they’re learning it from. It must be from porn, right?

    Another comment about keeping your nails short – keeping them short also helps to keep them clean (hopefully) and clean hands (and especially finger nails) are very much appreciated by us ladies when you’re using them in and around our private parts. Dirty nails can cause seriously health problems which will likely NOT get you invited back down there any time soon. So keep them short, and keep her coming. 😉

  3. Man its weird like its a good article but all women are different and some of the stuff on this article was requested by the women that id do it to them the weirdist is the blowing into vagina thing iv been asked my women to do it bcoz they like it.
    Blowing from a distance to cool her down then licking her again this was requested not my idea.
    Number one always seems like a no no but some women dnt seem to mind some girls can take alot down there without it hurting.
    Number 2 the girl i last had sex with actually really like this.
    My ex completly loved number 5.
    Again the girl i last sleeped with likes number 7

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