Are you tired of always using the same old positions in bed night after night? Do you wish that you could break out something new from your “bag of tricks” that would feel amazingly good to your lover, whether it’s she’s your long term partner, or a girl you just met?

There’s probably nothing worse than the feeling that comes when you know that your partner is bored with you in bed. While you are thinking about how you can keep things interesting, fun and fresh, you also might be worried that if you try anything too drastically new, that you might scare her off for good.

Well I’ve got good news for you. Some of the most amazing sex positions that I (and most women) ever experience are not much more than slight modifications to some of regular positions that we all know and love. In this article, I’m going to show you how to perform a few of my absolute favorite positions, as well as some tips you can use increase the intensity further still.


Missionary is the original man-on-top position, and the most common one for most people. It also happens to be one of my favorites or clitoral stimulation, and that great feeling of really being stretched out, when we make a slight adjustment.

The next time you are on top, ask her to put her legs together while you spread yours a bit. You should now be straddling her while remaining face-to-face. This will help you to slide against her clitoris with every thrust you take. Since her legs are together, she will also feel tighter for you and also make you feel much wider for her.

To create a feeling of complete surrender, pin her hands down to the bed. You can also sit upright, which will allow you to thrust much faster and harder. Remember to have enough lube on hand, because this position can go from amazingly pleasurable to uncomfortable pretty quickly.


In the spooning position, both partners lie on their sides facing the same direction, while you enter her from behind. You will be doing most of the work of work in this position for both penetration as well as other stimulations including kissing her neck, fondling her breasts, or massaging her clitoris, with either your fingers or a tiny vibrator.

After you’ve been enjoying the Spooning position for a few minutes, you can try an amazing variation; where she will move her bottom leg under your top leg, and her top leg on top of yours. This will allow your bodies to become wrapped up in each other’s, which helps to build incredible levels of intimacy while giving her very deep penetration.

For even deeper penetration still, lift her top leg towards the ceiling while you lean your body away from hers. This will give you an angle that allows for much deeper penetration, as well as a great view to look at.


Froggie Position is a variation of Cowgirl where you are laying on your back, and she crouches on top of your penis while still on her feet. This will give her tons of freedom to ride you very vigorously while putting less strain on her knees. However, it does work several muscle groups in her legs and core, so she has to be fit in order to sustain this position.

If you really want to give it to her good, grab her waist or ass and pull her on to your penis. She can place her hands on your stomach, chest or the beds backboard to brace herself. This will also give her a chance to relax while you take over, thrusting upwards from below. And for even MORE stimulation, you can always slip a small vibrator in between her legs and right on to her clitoris.

The point of all of these positions is to help give you a little creative insight in to what it takes to be a truly amazing lover. The next time you have sex, go ahead and give some (or all) of these positions a try, and of course feel free to use your imagination to come up with some new variations of your own.


  1. Isabella I would love to try different sex positions….My wife is 44 years old and I am 50… wife will not do any positions but doggie-style….can u recommend any positions for us? I would appreciate your help…….Thank you…….

  2. Hello Ms. Isabella Stone,

    Allow me just a few seconds of your time, I’m so thrilled that you have accepted my request to receive your newsletters, truthfully I’m a major fan of yours, been reading about you for the last 12 months. Thankyou so very much for sending me this article about 3 best sexual positions, after reading the material you sent, I agree with you 100%! Per your request, you suggested that I send you what my needs are, alright here’s what I need help with. I was married for 27 years, basically she has been the primary woman that I’ve had sex with, on March 31, 2011 we finalized our divorce. Once that was over, in May 2011 I signed up with, met a wonderful lady, we talked, got better acquainted, and then we had sex. Afterwards she told me that I was awful, lousy in bed, that I need some new techniques, she then proceeded to tell me that I was use to pleasing my ex-wife, and those methods I used on her are out dated. She even said my oral sex skills are lame, at first I got mad, then I accepted her raw remarks, and immediately realized that I need new and fresh sexual techniques, so that is why I contacted you. Can you show me methods that will make me a better lover? I look forward to your response. I wish you a fantastic afternoon filled with achievement and success!

  3. Thanks Isabella – I’ve tried the straddle – works well for thinner gals 😀
    The other two – I can’t wait to have a lover again.. I’ll let you know if/when that happens….
    Thanks for all the materials – I keep adding to my ‘bag of tricks’

  4. Done all 3 and all of them were wow, but my favorite is froggy. I don’t think we ever cum so hard together. Awesome and thanks for the tip.

  5. I´ll try them tonight so I ´ll tell you later how things work out….I know it will be great time trying this….

  6. @Gilbert – You go boy!

    @Ed – If she only wants to try doggy style, then you could try putting a pillow under her for her to lay on, or asking her to close her legs. Both give a very different sensation.

    @Yves – Give the 3rd one a shot

    @Richard – I’ll Email you separately

    @Ken – I think you’re really going to like the other two.

  7. sounds interesting but am not sure how thrusting would be possible if she is virtually sitting on my lap ie froggie.

  8. I’ve tried all that position already…fork and spoon position can drive more pleasure if the man sit on knees and the girl top leg put on the man shoulder…so that the man can move freely and the girl will feel more surrender because the girl leg position is locked.

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