What is the kama sutra?

Is the kama sutra an ancient porno? Not really.

Is the kama sutra a sex positions guide? Not entirely.

What the kama sutra is about is pleasure… but not just the sexual pleasure that you think the kama sutra is about.

The kama sutra is actually about ‘gracious living’ as well as ‘pleasure seeking’: this can mean being a better family man, as well as having hotter sex.

But I know you want to know what are the sexual pieces of the kama sutra, and how it can help you have more pleasure of the real life porno kind. If you want to just know about what sex positions the kama sutra offers check this out.

In the mean time I’m going to skip over the parts of the kama sutra that are about acquiring a wife (really), management of multiple wives (interesting), handling other men’s wives (naughty) and courtesans (that’s something between hookers and girls gone wild to us). I want to describe how the kama sutra can help you in life today.

What you really want to read the kama sutra for, are the 64 types of sexual acts it describes. Yes that means that there are pictures in the kama sutra, but not the kind you’re used to XXX. The kama sutra looks more like a medieval tapestry than a MILF webcam.

You can also expect a lot of regular sex positions in the Kama Sutra that hopefully you’ve tried before: alongside some more ‘out there’ ones.

If your mind only extends to missionary the kama sutra will tell you to check out ‘the bond of the tiger’- just be warned that lots of serious sex positions in the kama sutra will require you to have an Olympic gymnast’s flexibility to pull them off. To make the most of the kama sutra you need to adopt its philosophy: sex isn’t a hobby it’s a lifestyle.

What the kama sutra lacks in practical advice for modern living (who has a courtesan these days?) it does give you tips on better sex: with the odd Sanskrit love poem chucked in!

You may not want to know all what the kama sutra offers: but you can take from it an idea of sex as normal and healthy. Something that it took the West decades to realise. What the kama sutra does is make desire and sex out to be part of normal life.

What you’ll find when you google ‘kama sutra’ isn’t the ancient Indian love text: but a bunch of useful articles about how you can have hotter sex. In fact the kama sutra has become a universal term for sex positions and naughty stuff.

The kama sutra then isn’t either a modern sex manual, or a useless old book.

What the kama sutra really ‘says’ is: ‘sex is great, have more pleasure in your life’ which is a motto we could all do with living by.

To your sexual future,

Isabella Stone

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