One of everybody’s favorite subjects, and a frequent topic of discussion in my friend Adam Gilad’s Erotic Mastery course is the female orgasm. In this video Adam gives a brief introduction into why orgasm is just the beginning if you’re an Erotic Master.

Video Highlights

0:10 – What most guys don’t understand about orgasms.

0:18 – How MOST men learn about sex and orgasm.

0:36 – Why it doesn’t work that way for women.

0:53 – What to do when she first starts orgasming.

1:14 – All the different orgasms women can have – vaginal, g-spot and others.

1:33 – What to do if you come early.

Erotic Mastery


  1. Hey everyone,

    If you have any questions for either Adam or myself, just post a comment for us!


  2. Hey Guys,

    Hope you enjoyed the video. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, so fire away here in the comments section!

    – Adam

  3. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the video. Question for you. You say that when a woman first has an orgasm, this is basically her warming up. But in my situation, my girlfriend loves when I give her oral sex. The problem I sometimes have is that she physically feels satisfied afterwards, but sometimes she’s slightly disappointed she came because, after that orgasm, she’s out of the mood and before we started fooling around she was also looking forward to intercourse. And getting her back in the mood works but it’s tricky since she’s oversensitive for a while.

    It’d be great if there was a seamless way to go from oral to intercourse within minutes. Any tips?


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