Ah, yes… Bad Boys.

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you? Or, a better question: Whatcha gonna do

when they come for the girl YOU want?

The Bad Boy is one of those guys we LOVE to hate. But he’s also WAY misunderstood…


The fact is that whether you love him or hate him, we could all stand to learn a lot

from his methods, and how he works that “Bad Boy mojo.”

Who is the Bad Boy?

And how does he get women addicted to him like some kind of illegal drug…?
I’m going to point out one of the most powerful psychological “tricks” of the Bad Boy so that you can use it in your game with women.
It’s called: “The Eraser Technique.”

This is a technique that women will also use on you as a “test” – so you need to know how it works.

Back in high school, I had this Calculus teacher named – I’m not kidding here – Mr. Hosenfeld.

Poor guy…

But even worse than his name was his dry, no-sense-of-humor style that left you feeling about as interested in math as you would be in getting a full colon exam.

Well, I was part of the “unruly” group in his class. We were smart kids, but we had to mess with people.

One day, I tied a piece of fishing line (very fine, almost invisible to the naked eye) to one of the blackboard erasers. I set the eraser in the middle of the floor just as the bell rang before class.

As predicted, the class starts, and Mr. Hosenfeld sees the eraser sitting there.


He reaches down to pick the eraser up, and I yank the line and pull it out from his grasp.


Then there’s that moment there where he starts to reach after it again, and he finally realizes what’s going on.


He stands up with a smirk on his face and nods his head, as if to say, “Good one, guys.”

To his credit, at least he wasn’t a complete dork.

Well, this experience is something I’ve seen countless “Bad Boys” do to women time and time again, and it works the same way with them, only instead of the woman feeling foolish, she feels totally turned on by the emotional “zap” she got.


Here, I’ll give you an example of how to use this on a woman…


Let’s say you’re chatting up Danielle, a cute blonde girl you met in a club.


Step 1: Place the eraser…

YOU: “Hey, you know what? You look JUST like Megan Fox, that hot actress…”

Step 2: She reaches for it…

HER: “Really?!?! Wow, I totally love her…

Step 3: Yank it away…

YOU: “Whoah. Whoah! I take that back. I think I meant Michael J. Fox from ‘Back to the Future.’ God, I love that movie.”


This is essentially a tease, but it’s a certain kind where you can completely bait her into it.

Another way you might do this is by saying:

1 – Place the eraser

YOU: “Give me your card. I can get you into a party with Hugh Hefner next week.”

2 – Let her reach for it

HER: “Wow, really…?” (Getting her hopes up.)

3 – Yank it away…

YOU: “NO. That was a complete fabrication. But I’m WAYYY more entertaining than Hef, AND I can still ‘get it up.’ So you’re a winner either way.”  (Smile)


Just make sure you’ve got a good vibe with her going before you pull this technique out.

You have to calibrate to the situation by knowing she’s going to be cool and not be all hurt.


This is one of those techniques that I see the “Bad Boys” using out there all the time, and it works like gangbusters.


Remember that the Bad Boy has his impact on women by demonstrating a clear “I don’t care what you think” attitude – to the point of almost broadcasting it.


And that’s how a woman knows he won’t be a clingy, over-sensitive wuss if she were to start dating him. (Or just spend the night with him…!)


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To Your Sexual Future,


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